Blossom Teas

Blossom Teas is a homely little teahouse tucked away in the corner of a residential area right next to what used to be Mountain Shadow Pub. I visit this place quite often as it is in my neighbourhood and I do love me some bubble tea. Those who live in North Burnaby know the struggles of trying to find a decent bubble tea joint in the area.

I have noticed that Blossom Teas has changed a lot despite its relatively recent opening (late 2013). They used to have dart machines, but I have not seen them around the last few times I visited. Their dessert menu also seems to have shrunk. The fridge by the cash register used to be filled with cakes, puddings, creme brûlées and other house made goodies but they are no longer available and the fridge is now just used for storage. As of now, the only dessert options available are shaved snow and condensed milk toast. Blossom Teas has limited seating so it may not be the best place to hangout if you’re with a large group of friends. However, it’s a good spot to study (free wifi!) alone or with a few friends. The noise level is minimal and the place is usually not too packed with people, customers typically just grab their drinks to go. Most of the staff are friendly and quick with service.

(Sorry, Baby-Paca and I already took a few sips from the milk tea royale (no ice) and matcha matcha shake (most of the ice cream already melted into the slush)).

My usual go-to drink at Blossom is the milk tea royale or matcha matcha shake. The milk tea royale is made from freshly brewed black tea, organic palm sugar and milk (instead of powder). Unlike the usual milk tea that uses regular granulated sugar/sugar syrup, the palm sugar is salient without being too sweet and has a distinct earthy taste. The tea to milk ratio is also balanced. The matcha matcha shake comes with a stick of green tea pocky and a small scoop of their house made matcha ice cream. The ice cream is creamy and the matcha flavour is apparent. I love that pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste you get from high quality matcha powder, which was evident in the perfectly blended slush. The pearls were slightly sweetened and pleasingly chewy even after steeping in our drinks for quite a bit of time (unlike the pearls in other bubble tea shops which bloat and lose their bounce (QQ texture/chewiness). On a side note, the first time I gave Blossom a visit, I was excited to see that mochi was an option that you can add to your drink, but I was immediately disappointed when my order arrived as it was the type of mochi that you get from frozen yogurt chains (the cheap, soft, starchy kind) and I ended up picking most of them out.

On Mondays-Fridays from 1-6pm, they have a happy hour deal where they offer a choice of Jajang noodles, Sichuan burning noodles or Sichuan chill wontons for $4.99 (regular $6.99) Baby-Paca and I decided on an order of the Sichuan burning noodles and an order of the wontons. These dishes are only available in a disposable plastic container.

 Sichuan chili wontons: There are 12 whole wontons in an order. The sauce tasted like a mixture of chilli oil, soy sauce, sesame oil and vinegar (most prominent), but the dish was hardly spicy. The wontons were pretty standard (all pork, no shrimp, topped with green onions and cilantro) Not great, not terrible.


Sichuan burning noodles: The order came with a generous portion of noodles, which were thin and had a nice chewy consistency. The noodles were topped with ground pork, pickled vegetables, green onions and cilantro. The flavour is ambiguous, the sauce tastes like a peppery blend of dry spices. It definitely does not stay true to its name as it is only benignly spicy and does not have that distinct sichuan taste. The pork was on the dry side and all the toppings just seemed like they were thrown together into a bowl. Perhaps it would have tasted better as a noodle soup, I felt like it was missing something that binded all the components together. I did not care for the noodles, but Baby-Paca liked it (although she wished that it was spicier).

Overall, I think I’ll just stick to their drinks.

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+1 604 294 4100
North Burnaby
23-7198 Barnet Road, Burnaby


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