Bubble World

Back in my high school days, Bubble World was one of the popular places to go to after shopping or watching movies at Metropolis. It was also a popular late night hangout spot. I still visit Bubble World pretty often for their Taiwanese snacks and drinks. I’ve been to the one in New West and the one in Coquitlam as well, but I find that their quality of food/drinks are not as good as the one by Metrotown. Bubble World is pretty notorious for having not the most polite waitresses, but who goes to casual Asian restaurants for service anyway?

Baby-Paca and I have been craving taro pearls for the longest time and Mamallama didn’t have time to cook, so she picked me up after work and we headed over to Bubble World for dinner. During the car ride there, I was chatting with Baby-Paca and I casually said “I’d be so sad if they didn’t have taro pearls today.” I wanted to order a matcha slush with pearls and taro pearls, but when we got there, I was informed that they only serve taro pearls on the weekends. I was devastated. I changed my order to a milk cap red tea instead, which is a new addition to their menu, but was told that milk caps were only available on weekends as well. What a bummer. I settled on a milk tea slush with pudding and pearls. Baby-Paca decided on the caramel macchiato slush with pudding and pearls.

IMG_1217Caramel macchiato slush: The slush had a thick velvety smooth texture and was topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. The drink had a strong coffee taste and noticeable caramel flavour. Baby-Paca said it tasted a lot like a Starbucks frapuccino. The pearls were lightly sweetened and chewy. The pudding was yummy and had just enough of that eggy custard flavour.

Milk tea slush (not shown in picture): My milk tea slush today did not taste as good as it usually does. It was a little too milky and lacking in tea flavour. I have been consistently satisfied with Bubble World’s milk tea prior to this visit, Maybe it’s just an off day.


Pan fried egg roll with dry meat floss (肉鬆蛋餅): This is a snack I always order at Bubble World. I’ve tried it at other Taiwanese restaurants in Vancouver, but they never seem to get it right. The egg and crepe like wrap was rolled up with a generous helping of pork floss in the middle and served with a garlic sauce.


Fried fish cake (炸甜不辣): These salty peppery fishcakes are golden pillows of perfection. They’re airy, soft and chewy. I always ask for a little dish of the garlic sauce to dip them in.


Salty peppery chicken nuggets (鹽酥雞): The fried coating was not too thick, and the meat was not too dry. However, I do feel like it’s missing the fragrance of fried basil, which really livens up the flavour profile. The salty peppery chicken nuggets at Bubble World are pretty decent, better than a lot of other places in Vancouver, but nothing compared to what you get in Taiwan. My tastebuds have been pretty spoiled.


Mountain yam milky hotpot (山藥牛奶鍋): You get to choose the type of meat that goes into the hotpot. We ordered it with beef. The hotpot is served on top of a candle burner to keep it warm. It comes with a bowl of rice and two sauces for dipping, satay sauce and doubanjiang (chill bean paste). For $9.95, there were a lot of ingredients in the pot, and they do not skimp out on the meat. Under the pile of beef and leaflet of lettuce were slices of mountain yam, a variety of fish balls, taro, pumpkin, enoki mushrooms and plenty of Taiwanese cabbage to fill you up. The savoury milky broth also pairs wonderfully with the rice.

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+1 604 434 5551
Central Burnaby
4300 Kingsway, Burnaby

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