Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe

There was a huge storm and power outage yesterday and all of my plans ended up getting cancelled. But other than blown over trees and traffic, everything seems back to normal. Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I had made plans to catch up over dim sum with my auntie, uncle and cute little cousin at Kirin today. My giggly little cousin’s grown so much since I’ve last seen her (she’s in second grade now), but she never fails to tell me that I’m pretty and that I’m her favourite. While I was slightly embarrassed over the fact she said it over the table for everyone to hear, I was actually quite flattered. She just makes my heart melt.

I don’t know the reason, but I’m very unmotivated to write about dim sum or the typical Canton style restaurants. Perhaps because I usually only remember the names of the dishes in Chinese, or because I’ve just been so saturated with it that I don’t feel compelled to talk about the experience anymore. I’ll probably get around to it sometime though.

Moving on to the main subject of this post, after dim sum, we drove to Thierry for dessert because who doesn’t love cake? Not I. The cafe was relatively busy at 4:30 in the afternoon. Their tables are small with little elbow room and placed quite close to one another. Not very suitable for big groups. We were at the counter trying to decide what to order for the longest time as everything looked scrumptious, but we finally decided on 3 cakes and a macaron.


Thierry’s Le Russe ($7.75) was composed of hazelnut dacquoise, feuilletine, and praline buttercream. The top layer of the cake was soft and had a marshmallowy texture, while the bottom layer had a crunch to it, which provided an excellent textural contrast. The hazelnut dacquoise in the middle was full of nutty flavour, however, the dollops of praline buttercream were a bit too sweet and overpowering. 


Mamallama likes chocolate, so we ordered the Chocolate Succe ($6.75) for her. The cake had hazelnut meringue and dense chocolate mousse encased in tempered 70% chocolate. The chocolate shell was firm, making it difficult to cut into. The hazelnut meringue and the chocolate mousse were both smooth and tasty without being too sweet. The bottom layer of the cake had the same crunchy component as the Le Russe. 


While our server recommended the MilleFeuille ($5.75) (she said it was one of her favourites, tasty and not too sweet), it turned out to be our least favourite. The tahitian vanilla bean pastry cream tasted like Bavarian cream and had a gelatinous custard like consistency. The puff pastry was light and provided a slight crunch, however, there was just too much cream and too little pastry in comparison. While the pastry cream and puff pastry wasn’t too sweet, the fondant on top was cloyingly sweet, which ended up making the cake as a whole too sweet.


Again, we took our server’s suggestion when we were choosing the flavour of the macaron. We got the white chocolate raspberry ($2.25). While I enjoyed the raspberry jan in the centre, I didn’t really like anything else about it. It was incredibly soft. Unfortunately, I like the chewier kind of macarons. It was also a tad too sweet.

Sometimes you just need to hear someone else’s opinion to confirm your own decisions. You know what I mean? But I thought it’d be rude to ask for suggestions and not take any of them. Nevertheless, I think we should risk coming off a little cheeky and follow our hearts next time. Overall, the desserts were decent, but maybe just not what we had in mind.

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West End
1059 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Hi Genki

Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I have frequent spontaneous lunch outings with my neighbour Totoro whenever she has days off work. Being foodies, where to eat is always in question. After much deliberation, we decided on Hi Genki.

Hi Genki is situated in the lobby of a senior building. I know it’s a very unorthodox location, but the story behind it is that the owner’s mother was a resident in the senior home, he opened this restaurant so that his mom could eat good food. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

Hi Genki serves up authentic homestyle Japanese cooking. They’re generally pretty busy so if you don’t want to wait, I suggest that you don’t visit during peak hours. Their menu includes curry, croquettes, breaded cutlets, donburi bowls, udon, bento boxes and fish, etc, served with miso soup. Their prices are relatively inexpensive and portions are generous. After eating at Hi Genki, you can also check out the Japanese garden adjoining the Nikkei Centre or visit the little Japanese store to get snacks and treats to take home.


We ordered the yam tempura to share. They were your standard yam tempura, the batter was thin and crispy and the yams were sweet.


Mamallama and I both got the spicy chicken karaage donburi, one of the house favourites. The bowl came with large boneless pieces of fried chicken on a bed of mixed greens blanketed over Japanese rice. The chicken karaage was plump, juicy, flavourful and not even a tad oily. They were covered in a (barely) spicy teriyaki sauce that was predominently sweet and savoury. The skin remained crispy throughout our meal. I just wish that the rice had a little bit of their delicious sauce.


Totoro ordered the salmon kama. The salmon collars were fresh and just lightly seasoned with shio. The salmon had just the right amount of fattiness so the fish wasn’t flakey or dry at all. The mixed greens on the side were lightly tossed with a refreshing citrus vinaigrette.


Baby-Paca got the yakitori donburi, which was basically a teriyaki chicken rice bowl. The chicken was tender and had a nice char on the skin. There were also a few slices of deliciously caramelized onions in the mix, but not nearly enough. While the yakitori was pleasant, it wasn’t as flavourful as the chicken karaage, but if you don’t feel like fried food, this is a good option.

We’ve heard that Hi Genki serves up a tasty tempura ice cream, but we were too full on this visit to try it out. We couldn’t even finish our donburi. Baby-Paca and I packed up the leftovers and ended up just having that for dinner, which was more than enough for the both of us. All in all, Hi Genki is a gem, I recommend them to anyone who likes homely Japanese food.

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South Burnaby
6680 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

After an awesome day of slip and slide with an enthusiastic hub of Vancouverites, we changed out of our bikinis, deflated our inner tubes and hopped on the SeaBus. KitKat wanted to slurp some noodles, so we scurried off to Santouka for ramen. It was around 10pm when we got there but it was still bustling with people. Luckily they had seats for us at the bar.

Santouka is by far our favourite authentic ramen joint in Vancouver. You know they’re good when there’s always a long line up outside their shop. Service is swift and their noodles are always perfectly cooked to al dente, and quality is consistent. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Santouka.


KitKat and I ordered their goro-niku gyoza ($5.95) to share. These pan fried pork dumplings were delectable. The skin was thin and perfectly crispy on the bottom. The pork inside was juicy and full of flavour.


KitKat ordered the kara miso ($11.45). Initially, I was going to get the kara miso too since I was feeling a little chilly from being in and out of the water, but after our long walk down Robson, my body warmed up and I no longer wanted something steamy and hot. I opted for the tsuke-men ($12.45) instead, where the ramen is served cold on the side with a bowl of their hot simmered pork bone soup seasoned with shoyu for dipping. The tonkotsu broth was rich and creamy and had deep, concentrated flavours, without being overly fatty or salty. There were pieces of menma (fermented/braised bamboo shoots) tender cubes of pork, aji-tama (soft boiled egg) and green onions in the soup. While I expected the egg to have a semi runny centre, it was overcooked and not short of being hardboiled. The ramen noodles in the tsuke-men are different from the usual noodles they use in all their other ramen selections. These dipping noodles are slightly thicker, denser, and chewier. The portion of noodles are also bigger. I ended up packing about a third of my ramen home. I’ve had Santouka’s tsuke-men before, but I had forgotten what it tasted like and thought I’d try it again. While it was good, it wasn’t as amazing as the kara miso. I prefer the smaller portion size, complexity of the spicy miso broth and thinner noodles.

After ramen, we frolicked over to Chatime to top off our day with some tasty boba. While a cellphone (water damage) and a pair of (KitKat’s) sandals were lost (twice) today, we still had a fantastic time. The following day I made the upgrade and got a new phone (finally). Some memories are gone forever, but that makes room for new and better ones, right? At least that’s what I try to convince myself.  In the end, we just gotta cherish what we have while we still have it. I’m still struggling to come to terms with the concept of loss, but good food and awesome company undoubtedly makes the disheartening task easier. Carrying on…

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West End
1690 Robson Street, Vancouver

The Coffee Bun

KitKat had purchased triple slider tickets to Slide the City, and we decided to make the most out of the day with a North Van adventure. We took the SeaBus over to Lonsdale Quay and strolled around the market. We were hungry as usual, but not wanting to ruin our appetites for dinner, we opted for a quick snack at The Coffee Bun.


When we arrived, there were only a few flavours of coffee buns left as they’re baked fresh in small batches. The cashier told us that a new batch of their Earl grey flavour will be ready in about 8 minutes, so KitKat and I decided to go for a walk. We watched as people happily danced away on the streets to some sultry salsa. After we had enough of people watching, we checked out the toy store nearby. KitKat and I awed over all the innovative toys with our cute little clients in mind (we do behaviour intervention with bright young kids diagnosed with ASD). We returned to The Coffee Bun shortly (in about 10 minutes), but they had already sold out in the span of 2 minutes! Sadly, I didn’t get to try their Earl grey. Out of the remaining few options available, I was undecided between the original, cream cheese and the vanilla bean custard. The cashier said that the vanilla bean custard was among her favourites, and is one of their more popular coffee buns, so I took her word for it. KitKat opted for the hazelnut coffee bun ($3.50), which was filled with Nutella.


My vanilla bean custard coffee bun ($4) was airy, and pillowy soft, almost marshmallowy in texture. The warm innards of the bun had a very aromatic sweet and savoury butteriness to it. The coffee crumble baked on top was crisp and had a hint of coffee flavour. The vanilla bean custard was just lightly sweetened. It didn’t have a very prominent vanilla taste, but it had the eggy flavour of custard and it was so smooth and creamy.

The coffee bun was mouthwateringly good. I definitely prefer The Coffee Bun over Papa Roti. North Vancouver is a very long trek for me, but while I was searching The Coffee Bun up on Zomato to get the code to link my blog, I discovered that they have another location at Henderson Place, Coquitlam. I’m so glad I don’t have to travel all the way to North Van for these babies.

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(604) 988-7900
Lower Lonsdale
Lonsdale Quayside Plaza, 147 Chadwick Court, North Vancouver

Sweet Revenge Patisserie

Richa, KitKat and I were initially planning on grabbing some drinks at 33 Acres, but after our late night dinner at Burgoo, we were all too tired and sleepy for beer. We decided to save it for another day, and go for dessert instead. There weren’t many options available to us as it was pretty late in the evening, so we took our waiter at Burgoo’s suggestion and settled for Sweet Revenge, which happens to be one of the few (if not only) late night dessert/cake place(s) on Main.

The place was a little cramped, so if you’re  a claustrophobe, Sweet Revenge is not for you. The walls were painted red and the decor was…interesting. The pad was dimly lit, and had an eclectic, Victorian tea party kind of feel to it. It was on the border between cute and eerie (You know what I mean? Like china dolls, at first you’re like “oh, that’s dainty” but the longer you look at it, the more creepy it becomes). It’s a little bizarre to me, but I guess it’s just one of those things, you either love it or you hate it. Kind of reminded me of a fortune teller’s shop, but it’s probably just me.

The three of us were seated at a table that was separated by dividers. KitKat was stuffed from dinner and wanted to share, but as we were glancing through the menu, I discovered that there was a minimum charge of $6/person. They also charge you if you take your dessert to go.

IMG_1605I was indecisive and couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted (like usual). Originally, I had ordered the creme brûlée, but I had changed it to chocolate mousse ($7) shortly after I put in my order. The semi sweet chocolate mousse was rich, and had a firm, yet smooth texture. After a rather big meal, this cake was a little too heavy for me. I also didn’t enjoy the crunchy crust, which had a strange flavour, and was almost grainy in texture, I immediately regretted not getting the creme brûlée instead.

Richa had gotten the Tiramisu ($8). Quite frankly, he said that he preferred the tiramisu from the Safeway bakery. Sweet Revenge’s tiramisu was served in a glass, and we wondered how he’d take it home if he couldn’t finish it. Jokingly, KitKat said that he may as well just take the entire glass home since they charge for takeout anyway. In the end, Richa finished his dessert, but KitKat and I were unable to finish our last few bites.

Overall, I think KitKat and I consumed over double the amount of calories we burned off at the gym that day. But that’s okay, because we workout to eat anyway.

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+1 604 879 7933
Riley Park & Little Mountain
4160 Main Street, Vancouver


KitKat’s summer courses have put a hamper on our workout plans, but I’m glad to say that we’re back on track! We immediately hit up the gym after KitKat clawed her way through her last final.  Afterwards, we met up with Richa for some comfort food at Burgoo.

We arrived at around 7:40pm and were told that there would be about a 20 minute wait, so we went to 49th Parallel where KitKat grabbed a doughnut and Richa got an iced coffee. We returned to Burgoo shortly afterwards. While we waited inside, KitKit slowly picked away at her lemon poppy doughnut that she was initially saving for dessert. Although service was nice and friendly, the staff were excruciatingly slow at cleaning and setting up the tables. The 20 minute wait ended up being over double the estimated time. Originally, I wasn’t very hungry, but by the time we sat down, we were all famished.

We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept warm and gooey with a candle. My only issue was that the crusty bread wasn’t very “crusty,” it didn’t have the textural contrast between the soft innards. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the sweet, crisp, apples with the savoury and pungent brie.

While our appetizer arrived promptly after we ordered, our entrees did not arrive until another 25 minutes after our server cleared away empty plates. We suspect that this may be because Richa’s decadent French onion soup requires more time to prepare, and all of our dishes had to come at the same time.

IMG_1600The presentation of my after school special ($17 any soup cup paired with sandwich of choice) with the sunset corn and chicken soup and the tastiest chicken sandwich was delightful. While the soup was hearty, chocked full of corn nibblets and diced chicken, It was also considerably refreshing and light tasting for a cream based soup. It had bright and lively Mexican flavours, like a fiesta in my mouth. After having a taste, KitKat said it was like eating a taco in liquid form. Definitely the highlight of my dinner. The tastiest chicken on the other hand was just average. The open faced sandwich was topped with diced chicken, bacon, brie and diced apples, squirted with Dijon mayo and finished with some greens sprinkled over top like an afterthought. I was expecting a medley of flavours that melded together, However, the the ingredients didn’t really blend together. The mayo only tasted faintly of Dijon and the onion jam was nowhere to be found. It just tasted overwhelmingly of chicken and mayo. 

KitKat ordered the after school special with straight up tomato and gooey cheese grillers. Basically, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The soup was straight up tomato, literally. It had such intense flavour that it was like drinking a condense tomato. While it was delicious when you dipped the ooey gooey grilled cheese (that had a nice and crispy exterior) into it, I thought the tomato soup was a little too acidic and robust to be consumed by itself.

All in all, the food was decent, but Richa, KitKat and I were expected big things from Burgoo, having waited for so long. In the end, it just wasn’t worth the wait. By the time we were done dinner, it was already well past 10. But that doesn’t stop us from going for desserts though! We settled for some Sweet Revenge.

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+1 604 873 1441
Mount Pleasant
3096 Main Street, Vancouver

Lucky Gate Chinese Restaurant

Lucky Gate is a restaurant that serves authentic northern Chinese cuisine. Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I used to visit this restaurant often when we still used to live in the Burquitlam area. Now that we’re in a different neighbourhood, we don’t drop by so often anymore.

We were pressed for time and needed to grab a quick bite before running our errands, so we decided to go to Lucky Gate. Mamallama gave me the responsibility of dragging Baby-Paca’s butt out of bed (you would not understand how much of a struggle this is), so when we sat down, we were all feeling rather passive aggressive towards each other. But as I was handing out the plates that the waitress had dropped off at our table, Mamallama discovered this giant piece of bell pepper sneakily hiding under my plate. It was so random that I guess it broke the tension between all of us and we just laughed it off and carried on.


Lucky Gate’s noodles are all made fresh in house. Sometimes we even get to see the chef pulling the noodles through the window that peeks into the kitchen.  Lucky Gate is definitely one of my favourite places for Chinese noodles, we always order a noodle dish when we’re here. We decided on the seafood and vegetable chow mein 三鮮炒麵 ($10.99) since Mamallama likes seafood. For all noodle dishes, you get the choice between their hand stretched noodles or their thick shaved noodles. We got it with the hand stretched noodles, which has a dense, chewy texture that I love. The noodles were stir fried with shrimp, scallops and bokchoi in a soy based sauce.


Chinese style pancake 手抓餅 is also one of our staples at Lucky Gate. While it’s called a “pancake” I think a ringed pastry would be a more accurate description. The compact pastry was slightly crunchy on the surface and soft yet dense on the inside. It has a pleasant subtle sweet flavour. We couldn’t finish the pastry, so we brought the leftovers home. Baby-Paca and I reheated it in the oven later that day and ate it with sweetened condense milk, which of course made it taste even better.


We also love their shredded chicken with green bean starch sheets 雞絲粉皮 ($5.99)I must say that a lot of Chinese dishes sound pretty strange and far from appetizing when translated into English, but this is a very typical dish that can be found in restaurants in Beijing, or in restaurants that offer northern Chinese cuisine. I have tried this dish in various Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, but a lot of the restaurants don’t do it quite right. Either the sauce is too thin or too vinegary, or the texture of the green bean starch sheets are off, but I quite like the one at Lucky Gate. I do think that this dish may be an acquired taste though. Some people may find the cold and slippery green bean starch sheets kind of strange. I think someone even compared it to snot. I can see why, but Baby-Paca and I still think it’s great, especially on hot days when we feel like eating something cool, light and refreshing. The green bean starch sheets themselves donn’t taste like much, they take up the flavours of the slightly vinegary sesame sauce. The chicken wasn’t too dry, and the slices of cucumber paired well with dish.


Lucky Gate‘s home style steamed pork dumplings 前門小籠包 (8pcs/$5.99) are usually pretty decent too. However, on this visit, our dumplings were dry and did not have soup in them (which was evident by just their appearance). We told our waitress and she said she’ll talk to the owner, who came over to apologize. She informed us that the timer went off and they were too busy to notice, so the steamed pork dumplings ended up being overcooked. She offered us a new batch, but we were already pretty full and did not want to wait for them to steam, so we declined and she took it off of our bill instead.

Like most casual Chinese restaurants, service was pretty non existent, but the owner was accommodating with their mishap. Luckily, our experience at Lucky Gate didn’t end on a sour note, because we’ll probably miss their food if Mamallama decides to take her business elsewhere as a result of poor service (like Boiling Point. Consequently, I only visit with friends now, so Baby-Paca’s receiving the brunt of it. No more personal hotpot action for her).

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+1 604 939 8630

UYU Ice Cream

After din-din at Bao Down, KitKat and I frisked off to our final destination, UYU Ice Cream, the new ice cream parlour in Gastown to try their Earl grey soft serve ($3) during their extended soft opening. I am a lover of all things Earl grey, so naturally, I had to give this place a visit. And what better day to visit than on a hot summer day when they’re doing promotional discounts, right?


The staff at UYU are super friendly and welcoming. The interior is clean, chic and modern. I absolutely love the geometric sequence on their ceiling, walls, and windows. It serves as the perfect backdrop to their delicious organic ice cream, which is absolutely Insta worthy.


They had run out of cones by the time KitKat and I got there, so I had no choice but to get my ice cream in a cup. UYU offers weekly rotation of flavours. The 2 flavours of soft serve available on our visit was Earl grey and Belgium chocolate, which comes with a complimentary drizzle of sauce. I opted for Earl grey with a raspberry drizzle and KitKat got Earl grey with a black currant drizzle. UYU also has a toppings bar, featuring a variety of nuts, freeze dried fruits and other healthy options which you can add to your ice cream. I would’ve preferred if they offered fresh fruits, but they didn’t, so I got mine plain. KitKat got hers with freeze dried strawberries and almond slivers. UYU takes a rather minimalistic approach with their strategically placed toppings. While it’s dainty and pretty, I didn’t think the few measly flakes’ really worth the three extra quarters.

The Earl grey soft serve was smooth, creamy, milky and subtly sweet with a lovely, aromatic Earl grey flavour that was just right in intensity. While KitKat’s black current drizzle was tasty (It tasted exactly like Ribena, a concentrated black currant drink), it didn’t go as well with Earl grey as the raspberry. I do wish that they were a little more generous with the sauce though. Raspberry and Earl grey just makes such a great marriage. Nevertheless, the Earl grey soft serve was delicious on its own.

The menu at UYU also seems to include ice cream bars. However, they were not available on our visit. Hopefully they’ll be obtainable the next time we drop by. But it’s alright if they’re not, I’d be satisfied with just their Earl Grey soft serve. I forgot to mention that there’s no seating inside UYU, but I don’t mind taking my ice cream on the go with me on my stroll around Gastown.

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Bao Down

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I came across UYU Ice Cream’s post which informed me that they were extending their $3 ice cream soft opening special. Ecstatic, I immediately messaged KitKat, to which she suggested we grab dinner after work before we head over to our main destination. KitKat suggested Catch 122, but I have been on a splurge lately so I threw out a bunch of cheaper and lighter options, and Bao Down came out the winner.


Bao Down has a very upbeat, hipster vibe to it. The quaint little restaurant is cozy but has limited seating. We arrived at around 7 on a Wednesday night and the place was pretty packed. Being smart, one of us lined up to order while the other scoured for seats. I scored a table upstairs right next to their mural, which I forgot to take a picture of, but I thought the painted cartoon samurai animals on the wall were adorable.


My Two World’s Collide!!! ($6) took about 20 minutes to arrive. I was expecting the bao to be warm and toasty, however, they were only room temperature at best. This bao boasts 2 kinds of pork belly; star anise and ginger braised pork belly, and crispy pork belly with a hoisin glaze, along with other good stuff like chicharon (fried pork rinds), carrots, daikon, scallions and gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste). It was like eating an open faced cha siu bao ( 叉燒包/steamed Chinese BBQ pork bun). The roasted flavour along with the scallions and hoisin sauce was reminiscent of Peking duck (北京烤鴨/片皮鴨)but without the actual duck of course. While the bao tasted delicious as a whole, the crispy pork belly wasn’t really crispy, it was actually a little dry and tough.


The YVR ($7) consists of seared Ocean Wise albacore tuna, avocado, double smoked bacon, sweet soy, wasabi mayo and baby pea shoots. With the first 3 ingredients being among Kitkat’s favourite foods, I knew this was what she was going to order the moment I saw it on the menu. I am a fan of tuna tataki myself, but I felt like the soft and mild flavours of the fish wouldn’t make the best combo with the bao, which was also soft and mild tasting. I had a bite of KitKat’s YVR and my suspicious were correct, it was kind of one-note. I didn’t like it as much as my pork belly bao, which had more of a textural contrast and bolder flavour. KitKat enjoyed it though, with the only complaint being that the pea shoots were too fibre-y and tough to chew. She ended up picking most of them out. But hey, we ordered fries to share, so we still got our serving of vegetables, because fries are basically a kind of potato salad, right? But if you beg to differ, our fries had kimchi too. Hahah.


The Kimchi fries (small $4.50) came with crispy pork belly, bean sprouts, sweet soy, crispy garlic, garlic mayo and scallions. Again, the pork belly wasn’t crispy. They came in 2 big lumps that were tough and dry. The fries on the other hand, were cooked just the way I like them, slightly crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside without being overtly greasy. The slight acidity of the kimchi went harmoniously with the savoury and subtly sweet soy sauce, and the raw bean sprouts added a hint of freshness to the fries. They did get a littly too salty towards the bottom as they were soaked in sauce though.

While the portions don’t look that big, it was actually rather filling. Altogether, the food was good, but definitely not enough for us to bao down, but I give them an A+ for the punny name.

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+1 778 379 3611
12 Powell Street, Vancouver

Boiling Point

Boiling point after karaoke at Mix2 has become like a tradition for me, KitKat, Jujube and some of our other friends. Something soupy to calm our throats after singing our feelings just makes sense. What’s not a good idea, is a flaming hot spicy soup, which Jujube had ordered despite our multiple warnings. But YOLO, she took it as a challenge. Jujube likes to live life on the edge. Her Taiwanese spicy hotpot, which unlike the other hotpots was only available in flaming spiciness. It was literally swimming with spicy chili oil. Nevertheless, she survived, but some tears were shed that day. And by tears, I mean tears of laughter from us laughing at Jujube’s self inflicted torture.


I got the Japanese miso hot pot ($15.99): There’s lots of good things in here, bean curd, enoki, udon, crab, egg, fish ball, tofu, plenty of nappa cabbage and pork… It also comes with a bowl of rice. Unlike the locations in Cali though, the branches in BC does not offer the choice between vermicelli or rice. $15.99 sounds a bit steep for personal hotpot, but considering the huge portion size, I think it’s worth it. I always have leftovers that I bring home. Put in my own ingredients into the soup and I have another meal! There’s just something addicting about the broth. I usually don’t eat rice, but it’s just so good with the savoury soup. I have a friend who used to work at Boiling Point and he pretty much said that MSG is the secret though. Boiling point also makes their own garlic soy paste/sauce and dou ban jiang (spicy bean paste) which were delicious. KitKat was just eating the sauce straight up on its own before our food came (albeit, we were all starving).

I also love their Hokkaido milk tea ($4.25 +50cents each for boba and pudding). The flavour of the hokkaido milk was compelling and aromatic. I especially like the texture and consistency of their pearls, which are a bit smaller and chewier than most other places that offer bubble tea. The pudding was also smooth and full of eggy custard flavour.

Boiling Point had a full house when we arrived at around 7:15pm. We were told that the 5 of us would have to wait for close to 30 minutes, but it turned out to be more like 15. I have to mention that Boiling Point is pretty notorious for their bad service and not so friendly staff. But when I’m out having a good time with friends, I usually overlook that aspect. Until I find a better place that offers tasty personal hot pots, I’ll probably keep coming back to Boiling Point.

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+1 604 620 9737
Central Burnaby
5276 Kingsway, Burnaby