After dinner at Tropika, KitKat, Jujube and I headed over to Chatime.  It was blazing hot, and bubble tea had been on my mind the entire day. Claiming to be the #1 bubble tea brand in the world, I felt like I had to try it. I’ve passed by the downtown location quite a few times before, but every time I was either in a hurry or was too full.

When we got there, there was a line (like usual), which gave us a bit of time to decide on what we wanted as the menu was pretty extensive. I was deciding between the jasmine green tea mousse or pearl milk tea. KitKat and I ended up ordering a regular jasmine green tea mousse ($4.50 plus .50 cents for pearls) and Jujube ordered a regular pearl milk tea ($4.30). Customization options were available for sweetness and amount of ice.


The jasmine green tea mousse is supposed to have 2 discernible layers, the mousse/milkcap layer, and the tea layer. However, I received my drink partially mixed so my jasmine green tea appears slightly milky (KitKat’s was unmixed). The proper way to drink it is without the straw with your mouth to the rim of the cup so that you can taste the flavour of the tea and the mousse/milk cap separately before it blends in your mouth to create that perfect milky tea medley. I had the straw just so I could get the pearls. The freshly brewed jasmine green tea was fragrant, light and refreshing, but I felt like the mousse/milkcap could’ve been thicker and a little more salty. There was also a coconut-y aftertaste to the mousse/milkcap that I wasn’t very crazy about. It was still good, but not amazing. I guess my tastebuds have been spoiled by Lattea’s milkcap teas in Taiwan (they were the best!)  The pearls were good, but they totally don’t compare to Half and Half’s honey boba in LA, which are always made fresh and sweetened with honey (they’re still warm when they’re served with your cold drinks!)

I also got to taste Jujube’s pearl milk tea, which is Chatime’s top pick. It was delicious, which made me regret my decision on the jasmine green tea mousse. The milk tea was aromatic and velvety smooth. It had the perfect ratio of tea to milk.

The regular size is actually a small, and the large is the typical standard size you’d get at other bubble tea places like Bubble World or Bubble Queen. I thought the prices were kind of steep compared to other places. Nevertheless, I think I’ll be returning just for their pearl milk tea, and I’m definitely going to get the large next time, because it’s just that good (not to mention it’s a better deal).

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+1 604 699 9119
West End
1274 Robson Street, Vancouver


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