Milk & Sugar Cafe

After brunch at Yolk’s, while Sunshine was driving me home, he started telling me about this bubble tea place that was good. I have heard about their unique flavours and glorious daily specials from KitKat, but I never gave them a personal visit. After discovering that I haven’t been there before, Sunshine immediately rerouted and we were headed to Milk & Sugar Cafe.


One of their daily special offerings on this day was strawberry vanilla cheesecake slush, which I ended up getting. Can you believe that it’s only $2.50 for a small, and $3.50 for a regular? And did I mention that pearls and coconut jelly are free? What a gem.

After brunch, I was pretty full so I was afraid the strawberry vanilla cheesecake was going to be too heavy, but I got it anyway because it was on special, and well, because it’s cheesecake. I saw them add what looked like 2 big scoops of vanilla ice cream and 2 big scoops of cheesecake ice cream, frozen strawberries and a bit of ice to a blender, which made me worry even more about how heavy it was going to be. But I was pleasantly surprised with how refreshing and light tasting it was! Sunshine said so too when he tasted it. It wasn’t too thick or too sweet either! I also appreciate the fresh frozen strawberries as I’m not a fan of artificial fruit syrups.

I tried a sip of Sunshine’s milk tea as well. The tea flavour was strong and it was just lightly sweetened. It tasted more like a Hong Kong style milk tea than the usual Taiwanese milk teas you get at other bubble tea joints.

Needless to say, I will probably be back to try their other delicious offerings whenever I’m in the area! I definitely need to introduce Baby-Paca to this wonderful place.

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+1 604 559 5477
101-3365 Kingsway, Vancouver


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