Boiling Point

Boiling point after karaoke at Mix2 has become like a tradition for me, KitKat, Jujube and some of our other friends. Something soupy to calm our throats after singing our feelings just makes sense. What’s not a good idea, is a flaming hot spicy soup, which Jujube had ordered despite our multiple warnings. But YOLO, she took it as a challenge. Jujube likes to live life on the edge. Her Taiwanese spicy hotpot, which unlike the other hotpots was only available in flaming spiciness. It was literally swimming with spicy chili oil. Nevertheless, she survived, but some tears were shed that day. And by tears, I mean tears of laughter from us laughing at Jujube’s self inflicted torture.


I got the Japanese miso hot pot ($15.99): There’s lots of good things in here, bean curd, enoki, udon, crab, egg, fish ball, tofu, plenty of nappa cabbage and pork… It also comes with a bowl of rice. Unlike the locations in Cali though, the branches in BC does not offer the choice between vermicelli or rice. $15.99 sounds a bit steep for personal hotpot, but considering the huge portion size, I think it’s worth it. I always have leftovers that I bring home. Put in my own ingredients into the soup and I have another meal! There’s just something addicting about the broth. I usually don’t eat rice, but it’s just so good with the savoury soup. I have a friend who used to work at Boiling Point and he pretty much said that MSG is the secret though. Boiling point also makes their own garlic soy paste/sauce and dou ban jiang (spicy bean paste) which were delicious. KitKat was just eating the sauce straight up on its own before our food came (albeit, we were all starving).

I also love their Hokkaido milk tea ($4.25 +50cents each for boba and pudding). The flavour of the hokkaido milk was compelling and aromatic. I especially like the texture and consistency of their pearls, which are a bit smaller and chewier than most other places that offer bubble tea. The pudding was also smooth and full of eggy custard flavour.

Boiling Point had a full house when we arrived at around 7:15pm. We were told that the 5 of us would have to wait for close to 30 minutes, but it turned out to be more like 15. I have to mention that Boiling Point is pretty notorious for their bad service and not so friendly staff. But when I’m out having a good time with friends, I usually overlook that aspect. Until I find a better place that offers tasty personal hot pots, I’ll probably keep coming back to Boiling Point.

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+1 604 620 9737
Central Burnaby
5276 Kingsway, Burnaby


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