UYU Ice Cream

After din-din at Bao Down, KitKat and I frisked off to our final destination, UYU Ice Cream, the new ice cream parlour in Gastown to try their Earl grey soft serve ($3) during their extended soft opening. I am a lover of all things Earl grey, so naturally, I had to give this place a visit. And what better day to visit than on a hot summer day when they’re doing promotional discounts, right?


The staff at UYU are super friendly and welcoming. The interior is clean, chic and modern. I absolutely love the geometric sequence on their ceiling, walls, and windows. It serves as the perfect backdrop to their delicious organic ice cream, which is absolutely Insta worthy.


They had run out of cones by the time KitKat and I got there, so I had no choice but to get my ice cream in a cup. UYU offers weekly rotation of flavours. The 2 flavours of soft serve available on our visit was Earl grey and Belgium chocolate, which comes with a complimentary drizzle of sauce. I opted for Earl grey with a raspberry drizzle and KitKat got Earl grey with a black currant drizzle. UYU also has a toppings bar, featuring a variety of nuts, freeze dried fruits and other healthy options which you can add to your ice cream. I would’ve preferred if they offered fresh fruits, but they didn’t, so I got mine plain. KitKat got hers with freeze dried strawberries and almond slivers. UYU takes a rather minimalistic approach with their strategically placed toppings. While it’s dainty and pretty, I didn’t think the few measly flakes’ really worth the three extra quarters.

The Earl grey soft serve was smooth, creamy, milky and subtly sweet with a lovely, aromatic Earl grey flavour that was just right in intensity. While KitKat’s black current drizzle was tasty (It tasted exactly like Ribena, a concentrated black currant drink), it didn’t go as well with Earl grey as the raspberry. I do wish that they were a little more generous with the sauce though. Raspberry and Earl grey just makes such a great marriage. Nevertheless, the Earl grey soft serve was delicious on its own.

The menu at UYU also seems to include ice cream bars. However, they were not available on our visit. Hopefully they’ll be obtainable the next time we drop by. But it’s alright if they’re not, I’d be satisfied with just their Earl Grey soft serve. I forgot to mention that there’s no seating inside UYU, but I don’t mind taking my ice cream on the go with me on my stroll around Gastown.

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