Mamalee Malaysian Delight

What and where to eat is always the most monumental question everytime Totoro, Mamallama and I go out together. Convenience is always a deciding factor. Seeing as how Totoro had some business to attend to in Kitsilano that day, we decided on lunch at Mamalee’s.

Mamalee is a popular Malaysian joint in Kits, they don’t have very many tables, service and ambiance is minimal, but the pricing is fair and the food is pretty good as well. I also like that we put in our orders via dry erase menus.


We started off with the roti canai ($5.95). This was one of the better roti canais I’ve had. The pastry was crisp on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. It was flaky and wasn’t greasy at all. They also got the consistency and the flavours of the dip right. It wasn’t too thin, and it was creamy and flavourful, with just the right level of sweetness for my taste.


Of course, we had to order Mamalee’s most famous Hainanese chicken rice (reg $9.95). This plate comes with a small bowl of simple but tasty clear bone soup. The best thing about this Hainanese chicken was that it’s boneless. Not only did it require minimal effort to devour, every bite of it was juicy and tender. The seasoned oil rice was fragrant as well, I love eating it with the ginger green onion sauce so I wish I had more of that in comparison to the sweet and sour chili sauce, which I don’t care so much for.


We also ordered a curry beef brisket with rice ($11.95). The beef brisket and potatoes were soft and tender, but the curry was thin and watery. The flavour was decent, but it could’ve been thicker and creamier. I was reluctant about this dish as I questioned whether that shiny orange-y stuff was oil. Maybe I don’t want to know.


We ended our meal with sesame glutinous balls (5pc $ 5.99) for dessert. These were nice and chewy and had a good ratio of black sesame filling to skin. I love how they have a coating of crispy flakes for extra textural contrast. Yum.

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+1 604 733 8882
3144 West Broadway, Vancouver


2 thoughts on “Mamalee Malaysian Delight

  1. Yeah I find their curry brisket sauce too thin/watery for my preference. A better choice is Mui Garden’s.

    I also quite like Hoy’s (Kingsway between Fraser & Knight) curry beef with rice. Somewhat more Cantonese style curry (no coconut milk) but thick and flavourful, if a tad too salty at times. The briskets are generally quite tender, the waitresses tell me they cook it for two days before serving. The serving is fairly generous with a few chunks of potatoes …… and comes with a large bowl of fluffy white rice 🙂


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