Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

A long, long time ago, my spuddy Potato had given me gave me the inside scoop on Nordstrom’s VIP BFF premiere event; I had booked facials, bra fittings and makeovers for my bestie KitKat and I (all free of cost). And after a whole morning of being pampered, picking off the delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts, recieving mountains of free samples and enabling each other to make purchases (portion of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation), KitKat and I hit the streets of downtown Vancouver with our high spirits and radiant post shopping glow. While we strolled around as advertising agents of Nordstrom with our gazillion shopping bags, we came across Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck and KitKat suggested we get a sandwich to share as we haven’t officially had lunch yet (though we’ve been munching throughout the morning). I couldn’t resist, so we split a sandwich before the two of us split.


Mom’s Grilled cheese Truck has daily specials and classic grilled cheeses which you can customize.We ordered a classic grilled cheese on sourdough with havarti cheese ($8) and made it a super-deluxe with double smoked bacon and avocado (+$1.75 each). If avocado is available as an add on, you can count on KitKat ordering it.


Just look at this beauty gleaming in the sun. It was ooey gooey goodness. The slices of toast were nicely buttered and the avocado added a smooth creaminess that mellowed out the saltiness of the cheese. The only complaint I have is that I don’t eat fast enough as cheese cools down and congeals too quickly, but that’s no fault of Mom’s of course.

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I distinctly remember looking out the window and seeing the sign for Joey Tomato’s (Coquitlam location) whenever we drove over to my grandmother’s for a visit. However, I never dropped in and gave it a try until it was renamed JOEY.  This time, my family decided on JOEY for dinner to celebrate my older sister’s birthday. From the outside, JOEY looks pretty unassuming. Inside, it’s like the typical dimly lit restaurant; nicely decorated with a lively atmosphere.


As soon as we were seated, our waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special. We told her we were celebrating a birthday and she surprised us all with lemonade slushy in shooter glasses. The lemonade tasted a bit too sour and a little artificial to me so I ended up giving mine away to Baby-Paca to finish, but I appreciate the gesture.

For starters, we ordered the yam fries and ahi tuna tacos to share. For the entree, Mama-Llama, Baby-Paca and I ended up ordering the steak frites, my older sister got the lobster and prawn ravioli while my mom’s boyfriend got a burger (which I did not get the chance to photograph or taste).


Yam fries with truffle lemon aioli ($8.50): The yam fries came sprinkled with grated Grana Padano (a cheese that tasted like parmesan) and were delicious with the aioli that it came with. The slight tang from the lemon made the aioli less heavy than other mayonnaise-based sauces. I love the decadent earthy aroma of truffles. Truffles just makes (almost) everything taste better.


Ahi tuna tacos ($12.50):  The seared rare ahi tuna was served on a flat little deep fried tortilla with coleslaw, and a light wasabi aioli. The shell was crisp without being oily or greasy and it was nicely salted.  The tuna was complimented well by the coleslaw, which had an acidic ginger dressing. You could tell that the vegetables in the coleslaw were fresh as the sweetness in the cabbage comes through. The only downside is that the aioli didn’t have that kick you’d expect from the wasabi. It only tasted faintly of wasabi, it wasn’t spicy at all. Eating it was also a little messy because the taco shell was piled pretty high with coleslaw and the shell crumbles on you.


Steak frites ($20): The CAB prime sirloin is topped with parsley butter, with a side of rocket greens and fries. My sister and I added blue cheese butter on the side (additional $3 each) as the flavor of the parsey butter is kind of mild and lacked a bit of sodium, we preferred something stronger with more richness. The steak came like we ordered it, medium rare. It was juicy and pink on the inside, but it was still a little chewy. Prime sirloins are known for being the most flavourful cut of meat, but it is also not the most tender cut of meat. The steaks were considerably small (5oz) compared to the steaks we’re used to seeing, but honestly, for $20 it’s still a good deal and the portion on our plates were definitely enough to fill us up. The rocket greens (arugula) were wilted by the balsamic dressing and had a shiny sheen to it that off putted me slightly, but it was tasty without that bitterness that arugula usually comes with. They were also super generous with the fries, which I enjoyed. Some people may prefer them more crispy, but I like the mushy kind of fries (they were kind of like McDonald’s mushy fries but less salty).


Lobster and prawn ravioli ($22): The ravioli pasta is stuffed with lobster and crab meat, topped with grilled prawns, lobster cream sauce and fresh dill. My sister also added an extra wedge of garlic toast ($2.25). I love pasta, but I generally avoid ordering ravioli at restaurants because I don’t like the mushy filling. The grilled prawns were nicely done, but the ravioli would’ve tasted pretty one-note and bland if not for the dill.

Our waitress was friendly and attentive. Mamallama mentioned that her piece of steak was chewy when our waitress came by to ask us how the food was tasting and she apologized and sent it back to the kitchen even though it was already half eaten (Mamallama was originally gonna let it go and just finish her meal). She replaced it with a peppercorn steak that was noticeably juicer and more tender and she had taken it off of our tab altogether. Talk about great service!

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Cozmos Cafe

After being MIA, having neglected my blog for all this time, I gotta say that getting back on it is a bit of a struggle. Right this moment, I’m actually at Fondway staring at my laptop, drawing a blank while my baes, Kitkat and Jujube work away on their own projects. Dropping from being the 15th ranked blog on Zomato to whatever it is now during my absence has really depleted my motivation to write. Where do I even begin? I guess this is a start.

MamaLlama, BabyPaca and I have been distant as of late since our schedules don’t match up. Wanting to squeeze in a little family time before MamaLlama left for work, we decided to go out for a quick bite to eat. Being tight on time, we decided on a place close to home. After much debate, we decided on Cozmos since we’ve never been and I needed material to blog.


Upon being seated, Babypaca and I promptly noticed that they had a special festive drink offering up on the wall; BUTTER BEER. Yes, you read correctly. Obviously, it was a must order, being the Potterheads that we are. They also have a boozy adult’s butter beer, but we just got the regular because BabyPaca’s not of age yet. The concoction was a mixture of cream soda, whip cream and butterscotch syrup. I liked the bits of crushed fine ice in it, but I felt like it was lacking that buttery flavour and richness that you’d expect, it tasted too much like cream soda, it probably would’ve benefited from more butterscotch syrup.

MamaLlama didn’t think she could finish a plate by herself so we decided on 2 appetizers; curly fries and zucchini sticks  and 2 mains to share.

The zucchini sticks were just sad, there was no presentation, just a few measly strips of fried zucchini on a plate with some tzitziki on the side, close to a dollar a piece. It made me miss the zucchini sticks I’ve had in LA at The Hat. Those were the bomb.


The curly fries were done right, well seasoned and tasty, but we couldn’t help but notice that our plate was significantly smaller than the table’s next to us.


I ordered the spicy lamb gyro, it came with a Greek salad that I didn’t fancy very much. The flavour of the balsamic vinaigrette tasted a little off to me. I would’ve preferred it with just feta. The wrap itself wasn’t bad, granted it wasn’t good either. The red onions were a little overbearing.


BabyPaca got the tuna melt benedict. Overall, this was just mediocre as well. The potatoes were dry and BabyPaca mentioned that her egg was slightly overcooked. I could’ve made this at home with canned tuna and shredded cheese and it probably would’ve tasted the same, if not better.

Overal, Cozmos was alright, it’s one of those places I’d never suggest I’d want to eat at but would go if someone asked.

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