Trilussa Pizza and Pane

One day KitKat, Jujube and I had a spontaneous food adventure. Jujube, picked me up early in the morning and we headed over to pick KitKat up. She had just rolled out of bed so we got the chance to go inside her house while she got ready and play with Meelo, KitKat’s trusty ramen dog. Meelo gets super excited whenever he sees me, it makes me feel so loved. But I guess it makes sense because he probably remembers me when he was just a little pup. He was born under my roof, his mom MoMo used to be my pet, but unfortunately, Mamallama and her boyfriend broke up and he had taken her away along with Pookie, one of my other beloved dogs. I still miss them dearly. Pudding and Cashew still keep me company though.


Anyway, back on topic! Our first stop was Trilussa Pizza and Pane. This place serves up authentic stone oven Roman pizzas by the slice. There are lots of daily flavours to choose from from their wooden counter. Once you pick out your pizzas, they’ll heat it up for you. You also have the option of picking out a flavour off their menu and have a whole pizza baked fresh.


I picked out the Vancouver pizza ($6.34) and the gorgonzola pear pizza ($5.91?). The crust was thin and crispy with a pleasant chewiness to it. The Vancouver is a cold pizza that’s topped with smoked salmon and organic green salad. You can definitely taste the quality of the ingredients. The smoked salmon was incredibly flavourful without being too salty. It was soft without any toughness or chewiness. I have this pet peeve with eating anything with smoked salmon in them, that is, I’m always afraid that when I take a bite, I’d pull the whole piece of lox out, you know what I mean? But that was not the case here, the salmon just came apart where it was supposed to. While this pizza was good, I was a little sad that it didn’t have any cheese. It’s more like a flat bread, it’s just not pizza without cheese. I also thought that the Vancouver could’ve been done with a little more sauce. I faintly remember something that tasted like a light dijon mayo that was scantily placed. The gorgonzola pear pizza was my favourite of the two. The gorgonzola cheese had such a pungent, buttery and nutty aroma. The sweetness of the pear complimented the flavours of the cheese impeccably. Unfortunately, by no fault of Trilussa’s, I had made the mistake of eating the second half of my gorgonzola pear after my lox pizza. I thought it would be nice to end with something sweet, but I had underestimated how fast the pizza cooled off and how slow I eat. By the time I got to my second half, the cheese had congealed and the texture had become a little gritty.

While being on the pricier side, I think the quality of the pizza’s definitely worth it. KitKat, JuJube and I were all satisfied with our brunch and we were headed to our next destination. We literally had a full day of munching planned, but we decided to add in a shopping break in-between at 8th and Main as we needed a little time to walk off our food babies before we hook up with Beta 5’s ice cream social.

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De Dutch Pannekoek House

This past week, Sunshine had asked whether I’d like to do hot yoga with him.  Since I almost always wake up at around 7-8ish regardless of the time I go to bed anyway, I figured I had time to spare before my classes, so I agreed. I’ve been going through some emotional issues, so it’s a good idea to keep my mind off things. We signed up for a 1 month pass, and we were perspiring through every inch of our bodies after we bumbled through our first session. After we cleaned up and changed, we headed to De Dutch to fuel up because yoga is strenuous hard work for noobs like Sunshine and I.

De Dutch is a cozy little restaurant hidden in the back behind Hastings Street. It’s only accessible through an alleyway/weird staircase, which made the trip rather exciting for me as it felt like we were visiting an illegal underground pancake house.


After browsing through the entire menu multiple times, I finally decided on the BC bene ($15) garnished with a side of salad (choice between garden salad or fruit). Our server had asked me whether I wanted my bene served on Dutch rusks. She informed me that rusk is a crispy twice baked bread. Curious, I asked whether I could do half of my bene on the rusk and half on the generic english muffin, she graciously said yes. The BC smoked wild salmon on my bene tasted like the Sockeye variety, it was fresh, smokey and not stringy or tough. The fried eggs had perfectly runny yolks and the hollandaise sauce wasn’t too heavy, it was actually rather light and frothy. As for the rusk, it tasted like a crouton. I actually preferred the textural crunch over the usual english muffin. The cute little hash browns that came with my bene didn’t have crispy edges, but surprisingly, I didn’t mind the texture, they were short of being just soft, mushy potatoes.


Sunshine went with the Dutch uitsmijter ($9), an open faced sandwich with egg, ham and edam cheese with a side of hash browns. Sunshine said that the egg, ham and cheese were just on a slice of bread, it wasn’t even buttered or toasted or anything. He said he actually liked it and that it had a homely feel to it, but we both agreed that I could’ve just made that for him in my kitchen.

While De Dutch is actually known for their Dutch pancakes, neither of us felt like having pancakes on this particular visit. Sunshine said that the pannekoeks are almost like a thick crepe, they’re larger and thinner than the American pancakes we’re used to. I might come back to try them sometime.

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KitKat’s summer courses have put a hamper on our workout plans, but I’m glad to say that we’re back on track! We immediately hit up the gym after KitKat clawed her way through her last final.  Afterwards, we met up with Richa for some comfort food at Burgoo.

We arrived at around 7:40pm and were told that there would be about a 20 minute wait, so we went to 49th Parallel where KitKat grabbed a doughnut and Richa got an iced coffee. We returned to Burgoo shortly afterwards. While we waited inside, KitKit slowly picked away at her lemon poppy doughnut that she was initially saving for dessert. Although service was nice and friendly, the staff were excruciatingly slow at cleaning and setting up the tables. The 20 minute wait ended up being over double the estimated time. Originally, I wasn’t very hungry, but by the time we sat down, we were all famished.

We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept warm and gooey with a candle. My only issue was that the crusty bread wasn’t very “crusty,” it didn’t have the textural contrast between the soft innards. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the sweet, crisp, apples with the savoury and pungent brie.

While our appetizer arrived promptly after we ordered, our entrees did not arrive until another 25 minutes after our server cleared away empty plates. We suspect that this may be because Richa’s decadent French onion soup requires more time to prepare, and all of our dishes had to come at the same time.

IMG_1600The presentation of my after school special ($17 any soup cup paired with sandwich of choice) with the sunset corn and chicken soup and the tastiest chicken sandwich was delightful. While the soup was hearty, chocked full of corn nibblets and diced chicken, It was also considerably refreshing and light tasting for a cream based soup. It had bright and lively Mexican flavours, like a fiesta in my mouth. After having a taste, KitKat said it was like eating a taco in liquid form. Definitely the highlight of my dinner. The tastiest chicken on the other hand was just average. The open faced sandwich was topped with diced chicken, bacon, brie and diced apples, squirted with Dijon mayo and finished with some greens sprinkled over top like an afterthought. I was expecting a medley of flavours that melded together, However, the the ingredients didn’t really blend together. The mayo only tasted faintly of Dijon and the onion jam was nowhere to be found. It just tasted overwhelmingly of chicken and mayo. 

KitKat ordered the after school special with straight up tomato and gooey cheese grillers. Basically, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The soup was straight up tomato, literally. It had such intense flavour that it was like drinking a condense tomato. While it was delicious when you dipped the ooey gooey grilled cheese (that had a nice and crispy exterior) into it, I thought the tomato soup was a little too acidic and robust to be consumed by itself.

All in all, the food was decent, but Richa, KitKat and I were expected big things from Burgoo, having waited for so long. In the end, it just wasn’t worth the wait. By the time we were done dinner, it was already well past 10. But that doesn’t stop us from going for desserts though! We settled for some Sweet Revenge.

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