Earnest Ice Cream

The first time I tasted the magic that is Earnest was actually during Dine Out at Edible Canada. The whiskey hazelnut ice cream was served alongside some dessert (I forget), I instantly fell in love. I don’t actually like whiskey as it reminds me of my first experience with alcohol. I have to admit that poor judgements were made that day and I’m still reluctant about picking up a glass, but Earnest had managed to reinvent whiskey into something appealing to me. They turned me into a believer. The ice cream was incredibly rich, creamy and smooth, not the least bit icy or frothy. Besides having a delicious flavour that had just the right amount of alcohol, it was chocked full of whole hazelnuts to munch on. They definitely don’t skimp out on ingredients. Whiskey hazelnut remains one of my favourite flavours.


On this particular visit, Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I had just finished dinner nearby, our meal wasn’t particularly satisfying so we wanted dessert to compensate. Paying tribute to my Canadian roots, I got the maple walnut along with another one of my favourites, london fog ($5 for a single, $7 for a double). The maple walnut had a strong maple flavour and had chunks of walnut in it. It was good, but not as good and got a little sweet at around the halfway point. The london fog captures the lovely flavour of earl grey and you can see flecks of what appears to be tea leaves in the ice cream. It tasted strong yet not too sweet.

Baby-Paca and I had a short phase where we were obsessed with all things salted caramel, and during this phase we tasted the salted caramel ice cream at Earnest. The salted caramel flavour was too sweet and overwhelming for my liking. It was yummy in very small doses, but a whole scoop of it was just too intense. These were just my thoughts though, I think Baby-Paca enjoyed it.

Earnest uses fine quality ingredients, and they churn out ice cream that’s consistently delicious, though I think because they make their ice cream in batches, Baby-Paca and I have noticed that consistency fluctuates a tiny bit. Sometimes flavours are just a taaaaaad stronger or weaker than on other days, but the difference is very minimal. They’re on the pricier side, but their ice cream really is “seriously good.”

*Side note. I do have to mention that the staff that served us that day didn’t seem the friendliest or most approachable. I could feel myself being silently or maybe not so silently judged by the staff as I took photos of my ice cream for my blog. I don’t know. They just kept looking my way and leaning in quietly to chatter among themselves. Yes, I know how ridiculous I look. Lol

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+1 778 379 0697
Mount Pleasant
1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver

720 Sweets

720 Sweets is a new ice cream shop that just recently joined the dessert scene on West Broadway. They haven’t been in business for very long, but they have garnered quite a bit of publicity already due to their eye-catching, insta-worthy soft serves. The wow factor in their little cups of delight are really the novel use of liquid nitrogen/dry ice that creates a theatrical smoky effect. But when I say novel, I just mean in terms of Vancouver because smoky soft serves have been really popular in certain parts of Asia. It’s about time Vancouver got on the hype.

I had some business around the area and thought I’d give them a try during their first few days of opening. The store is small and has limited table top bar style seating. It was clean and bright and had an upbeat vibe to it. One of the walls had “My head says go to the gym but my heart says ice cream” painted on. I thought that was pretty accurate. Hahah.
IMG_0349I got the Milky Way ($5.95), but I think it’s been renamed the Milk’ee. Essentially, it’s a milk tea soft serve topped with crushed walnuts, light caramel drizzle, espresso grass jelly and a big piece of crunchy almond cookie/biscotti. The milk tea soft serve was creamy, smooth and had a delicious milk tea flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. The almond cookie/biscotti provided a nice textural contrast and the flavour paired well with the milk tea. However, I did not taste any espresso flavour in the espresso grass jelly. It just tasted like regular grass jelly when I had it. Maybe they changed it. But honestly, I didn’t care very much for it, it didn’t really go with the ice cream or the other toppings. It would’ve been a lot better if they were switched with boba pearls instead.

The final verdict? I’d come back again if I’m in the area, but most of my initial excitement is now gone since I have a video and picture of the cool smoky soft serve to post on my blog and Instagram. Nevertheless, the ice cream was pretty tasty.

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+1 778 229 9278
3278 West Broadway, Vancouver


After dinner at Zakkushi, KitKat asked me for dessert suggestions. Mimibuluvme came out the top of my head, I had been there once before. Richa had to leave us, so it was down to the 3 musketeers. I just love how it’s a mutual assumption that we’ll be going for dessert after our main meal whenever we hangout, no need for pondering or subtle hint dropping.

Mimibuluvme is a cute little cafe with very limited seating. I’ve always wondered how they came up with their random name, but I guess the obscurity helps the guests remember the cafe. If it’s your first time giving them a visit, you should know that the sign on their store front says “Bubble Tea” in giant letters, instead of the actual name of the shop.


KitKat and I both felt like something light and refreshing so we ordered the frozen yogurt parfait ($7.10) to share. It came with frozen yogurt ice cream, fresh seasonal berries, whip cream and honey pound cake. The yogurt ice cream had a bright, tangy flavour. The fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries were all sweet and didn’t leave us picking seeds out of our teeth. The menu had advertised a blueberry compote, but KitKat and I found that missing. Maybe they had meant to refer the berry syrup. But overall, we were very satisfied.


Jujube got the mini coffee parfait since no one wanted to share with her (Sorry!). I think it’s about $2 less than the regular size, but just with less ice cream. The coffee ice cream was creamy and flavourful, and the puffed cereal added a fun crunch. The coffee jelly didn’t have a very strong coffee taste, but the ice cream made up for that. It also came topped with honey pound cake, whip and strawberry pocky.

After we finished our dessert, Jujube wanted to stay awhile longer to make a sketch of the cafe. The place was empty when we arrived, but it began to fill up as the night progressed. But it totally makes sense since Mimibuluvme’s parfaits are yummy and the area lacked late night dessert shops.

image On a tangent, KitKat has once again captured me basking in the glow of all my unduly awkwardness. I know precisely how OCD and goofy I am when trying to get a decent shot. While these guys make a game out of teasing me, they not only put up with my ridiculousness, they help me out with action shots and lighting. My girls are the real MVPs ❤

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+1 604 327 6368
Riley Park & Little Mountain
5556 Cambie Street, Vancouver

UYU Ice Cream

After din-din at Bao Down, KitKat and I frisked off to our final destination, UYU Ice Cream, the new ice cream parlour in Gastown to try their Earl grey soft serve ($3) during their extended soft opening. I am a lover of all things Earl grey, so naturally, I had to give this place a visit. And what better day to visit than on a hot summer day when they’re doing promotional discounts, right?


The staff at UYU are super friendly and welcoming. The interior is clean, chic and modern. I absolutely love the geometric sequence on their ceiling, walls, and windows. It serves as the perfect backdrop to their delicious organic ice cream, which is absolutely Insta worthy.


They had run out of cones by the time KitKat and I got there, so I had no choice but to get my ice cream in a cup. UYU offers weekly rotation of flavours. The 2 flavours of soft serve available on our visit was Earl grey and Belgium chocolate, which comes with a complimentary drizzle of sauce. I opted for Earl grey with a raspberry drizzle and KitKat got Earl grey with a black currant drizzle. UYU also has a toppings bar, featuring a variety of nuts, freeze dried fruits and other healthy options which you can add to your ice cream. I would’ve preferred if they offered fresh fruits, but they didn’t, so I got mine plain. KitKat got hers with freeze dried strawberries and almond slivers. UYU takes a rather minimalistic approach with their strategically placed toppings. While it’s dainty and pretty, I didn’t think the few measly flakes’ really worth the three extra quarters.

The Earl grey soft serve was smooth, creamy, milky and subtly sweet with a lovely, aromatic Earl grey flavour that was just right in intensity. While KitKat’s black current drizzle was tasty (It tasted exactly like Ribena, a concentrated black currant drink), it didn’t go as well with Earl grey as the raspberry. I do wish that they were a little more generous with the sauce though. Raspberry and Earl grey just makes such a great marriage. Nevertheless, the Earl grey soft serve was delicious on its own.

The menu at UYU also seems to include ice cream bars. However, they were not available on our visit. Hopefully they’ll be obtainable the next time we drop by. But it’s alright if they’re not, I’d be satisfied with just their Earl Grey soft serve. I forgot to mention that there’s no seating inside UYU, but I don’t mind taking my ice cream on the go with me on my stroll around Gastown.

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Screamers Soft Serve and Treats

While Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I were strolling back to our car, we passed by Screamers and thought there was no better day than this hot summer day to have ourselves some creamy, frosty goodness. As we got closer, I saw a poster on the side of their shop advertising pineapple soft serve. I could not believe my eyes. We have Dole whip right here in Vancouver?! I was so excited. Dole whip reminded me of my happy adventures in Hawaii and LA Disneyland where I last had one.


Pineapple Dole soft serve/Dole whip ($3 mini size): The Dole whip was silky, sweet and tangy with potent pineapple flavour. It’s incredibly refreshing. We were originally going to share one amongst the 3 of us, but after having a taste, we decided one just wasn’t enough. Mamallama went back to buy another one as Baby-Paca and I happily scooped away while beaming with satisfaction.

Screamer ($2.50 mini size): A screamer is basically soft serve on top of a slushy. Crush lime, Crush grape, Crush cream soda and root beer were the daily flavours available. We got Crush cream soda. The soft serve was satiny smooth and tasty. Screamers are awesome for when you can’t decide between ice cream or slurpee. Why not have both? It’s just great.

I will definitely be back whenever I’m in the area.

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+1 604 364 8740
12211 Third Avenue, Richmond

Beta 5 Chocolates

Beta 5 is a hole in the wall, literally. It is in the most unassuming location. KitKat and I had just wrapped up our yard sale, and we wanted to cool off with some ice cream, if we had not pulled up actually looking for Beta 5, we’d definitely would’ve missed it. Unfortunately, our ice cream sandwiches were melting fast and we were eager to devour them so I didn’t get a very good picture. (I was actually reluctant with blogging about the ice cream for that reason, but I guess I’ll do it anyway) KitKat got the blueberry cheesecake and I got the raspberry jasmine ($5 each).


The raspberry jasmine had raspberry and jasmine ice cream sandwiched between lemon shortbread cookies. I liked that the cookies were soft so that the ice cream didn’t get smooshed out as I ate it. The raspberry ice cream was tart and refreshing and the flavour went really well with the lemon shortbread, I just wish there was more of it in comparison to the jasmine ice cream, which tasted rather underwhelming. I had to search for the jasmine flavour. If I had not known that it was jasmine ice cream, I don’t think I would’ve tasted it. I also should’ve spent a little less time trying to take photos because my last few bites of ice cream were melty and frothy.

KitKat said her blueberry cheesecake had a rich cheesecake flavour, but the blueberry ice cream was pretty subtle in contrast. The blueberry compote inside had a frozen texture, but it wasn’t too off-putting and the graham cookie was good, but could’ve had a stronger graham taste. I think she said she liked the s’mores ice cream sandwich more.

As we were eating our ice cream sandwiches, there was an Asian grandma carrying a toddler who had his eyes on our ice cream. In Cantonese, she told him not to stare and that the ice cream sandwiches belonged to the aunties. I was kind of devastated ;__; We’re still living our glory days, barely in our prime yet. Kind of strange I guess, when we’re used to experiencing the opposite side of things, people still ask us whether we’re legal or whether we’d like to buy concession bus tickets (for students).

IMG_1358 Anyway, after I finished my ice cream, I lined up to buy a box of cream puffs to take home (How can I go to Beta 5 and not get cream puffs?) I got the coconut passionfruit, blueberry lavender, raspberry earl grey and salted caramel. They’re priced at $5 each or $18 for a box of 4. They also have bigger boxes, but I forget.

IMG_1367Coconut passionfruit: I’m not too enthusiastic about coconut, but coconut passionfruit is one of Beta 5’s top sellers, so I got it, and boy am I glad I did. The passionfruit cream was so aromatic, light, and refreshing. The mild flavours of the coconut cream blended flawlessly with the invigorating and piquant passionfruit that was neither too sweet or too sour. The majority of sweetness came from the dollop of icing on top. The shell of the cream puff was like no other. It was crisp and crumbly, yet it held it’s shape and didn’t cause a mess. One of my pet peeves about eating cream puffs is that the cream gets squished out everywhere when you bite into it, but this didn’t happen with this heavenly creation. It was just amazing.


Blueberry lavender: The blueberry lavender was another delicious flavour. I was afraid that the lavender was going to be overpowering, but that was not the case at all. There was just a hint of floral fragrance that complimented the fresh blueberry compote.  Again, the level of sweetness was just right.


Raspberry earl grey: The raspberry earl grey was good, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I am an earl grey fanatic so I was disappointed that the flavour of earl grey got a little lost amongst the huge pile of cream that tasted faintly reminiscent of vanilla that didn’t really add to the overall flavour of the cream puff. The raspberry was tart and robust but pleasant. The vanilla cream was piled high, so it was hard to get all the components into one bite, which made for unbalanced flavours. The dollop of earl grey in the centre was considerably small, but the bites that actually had earl grey in them were fantastic.


Salted caramel: While the other cream puffs were light and refreshing, the salted caramel was more heavy and decadent. The caramel that oozed from the centre of the cream puff tasted exactly like the liquid form of Werther’s Original candies. While I enjoyed it, the flavour of the salted caramel was a smidge too sweet and overpowering for me.

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+1 604 669 3336
413 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver