Trilussa Pizza and Pane

One day KitKat, Jujube and I had a spontaneous food adventure. Jujube, picked me up early in the morning and we headed over to pick KitKat up. She had just rolled out of bed so we got the chance to go inside her house while she got ready and play with Meelo, KitKat’s trusty ramen dog. Meelo gets super excited whenever he sees me, it makes me feel so loved. But I guess it makes sense because he probably remembers me when he was just a little pup. He was born under my roof, his mom MoMo used to be my pet, but unfortunately, Mamallama and her boyfriend broke up and he had taken her away along with Pookie, one of my other beloved dogs. I still miss them dearly. Pudding and Cashew still keep me company though.


Anyway, back on topic! Our first stop was Trilussa Pizza and Pane. This place serves up authentic stone oven Roman pizzas by the slice. There are lots of daily flavours to choose from from their wooden counter. Once you pick out your pizzas, they’ll heat it up for you. You also have the option of picking out a flavour off their menu and have a whole pizza baked fresh.


I picked out the Vancouver pizza ($6.34) and the gorgonzola pear pizza ($5.91?). The crust was thin and crispy with a pleasant chewiness to it. The Vancouver is a cold pizza that’s topped with smoked salmon and organic green salad. You can definitely taste the quality of the ingredients. The smoked salmon was incredibly flavourful without being too salty. It was soft without any toughness or chewiness. I have this pet peeve with eating anything with smoked salmon in them, that is, I’m always afraid that when I take a bite, I’d pull the whole piece of lox out, you know what I mean? But that was not the case here, the salmon just came apart where it was supposed to. While this pizza was good, I was a little sad that it didn’t have any cheese. It’s more like a flat bread, it’s just not pizza without cheese. I also thought that the Vancouver could’ve been done with a little more sauce. I faintly remember something that tasted like a light dijon mayo that was scantily placed. The gorgonzola pear pizza was my favourite of the two. The gorgonzola cheese had such a pungent, buttery and nutty aroma. The sweetness of the pear complimented the flavours of the cheese impeccably. Unfortunately, by no fault of Trilussa’s, I had made the mistake of eating the second half of my gorgonzola pear after my lox pizza. I thought it would be nice to end with something sweet, but I had underestimated how fast the pizza cooled off and how slow I eat. By the time I got to my second half, the cheese had congealed and the texture had become a little gritty.

While being on the pricier side, I think the quality of the pizza’s definitely worth it. KitKat, JuJube and I were all satisfied with our brunch and we were headed to our next destination. We literally had a full day of munching planned, but we decided to add in a shopping break in-between at 8th and Main as we needed a little time to walk off our food babies before we hook up with Beta 5’s ice cream social.

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Riley Park & Little Mountain
4363 Main Street, Vancouver

Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

Baby-Paca, Mamallama and I were pretty full from lunch and thought that we wouldn’t need dinner. However, a little after 8 we started to get a little hungry. We were feeling pasta, so we decided to go to Cotto’s.


The decor inside is modern with dark wood furnishings, accented with shades of red. While it provided a more hip and cool environment, it lacked the rustic, homely feel of what you’d expect from an Italian restaurant.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy when we got there as it was close to closing time. We were seated and brought water and menus right away. As we were browsing through the menu, our waitress informed us that all pizzas on Mondays are $12 (we also found out about $12 pasta Tuesdays) so we decided to get a pizza, along with a salad and a pasta to share.


Beet salad ($10): The dish had slices of red and yellow beets plated nicely with arugula, honey citrus vinaigrette, citrus and goat cheese crumbled on top. The acidity in the vinaigrette complimented the delectable sweetness of the beets and masked the bitterness of arugula. The goat cheese was so smooth, it basically melted in our mouth.


Salmone ($12 (original price $17): The salmon pizza is blanketed with fresh mozzarella, smoked salmon, crispy capers, 63 degree egg and a drizzle of hollandaise sauce. The pizza was not delivered to our table hot, only kind of warm. while the crust was crispy at first, it quickly became chewy as it cooled off. The 63 degree egg was perfectly runny and delicious, but I felt like the salmone pizza was a bit too dry as there was no sauce under the layer of smoked salmon, which was a little too salty.

Linguine boscaiola ($16): I’ve been craving parpadelle pasta for the longest time so we substituted the linguine with parpadelle for this plate. This dish also did not arrive to our table hot, which is a shame because it probably would’ve tasted better. The pasta was cooked to al dente but the noodles were only lightly coated with a thin layer of alfredo sauce, which made the dish a bit dry, along with the ground beef and pork. I also could not taste the mushroom and vegetable sofrito, but I loved the rich, earthy taste and aroma of the truffle oil. Truffle oil was basically our reason for ordering this plate.

Our food took quite a bit of time to get to our tables, considering how relatively empty the restaurant was. We were puzzled as to why our plates didn’t arrive hot as well. Our waitress also forgot to bring the cheese grater over so we had to remind her. Perhaps everybody was busy cleaning and closing up the restaurant. Overall, I think we’d return for their specials on Mondays and Tuesdays, but we’ll probably come a little earlier next time.

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+1 604 299 8002
North Burnaby
6011 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Steveston Pizza Co.

Steveston Pizza’s Princess pizza has gained a lot of exposure on Instagram lately. I can totally understand why though. I mean, look at this marvellous sight. It’s beauty just cannot be contained.

IMG_1399The pizza was topped with large in shell tiger prawns that were assembled to look like a crown. Now the presentation of the pizza’s impeccable, but I just didn’t feel like it tasted as good as it looked. Maybe my expectations were a little high due to how hyped up it was. The description on the menu said that the toppings included prawns, crab, essence of pernod (anise flavoured liqueur), tomatoes and fennel salsa, but frankly, when we took off the tiger prawns, it just tasted like a regular shrimp pizza with tomato sauce to me. The ingredients were fresh nonetheless, I just didn’t taste very much of the other flavours.  I also didn’t find any distinguishable pieces of crab. It did have smoked salmon though, which is always a plus in my books, but I only got a tiny sliver of it as I was amongst the last to eat. Baby-Paca said she would’ve liked the pizza more if all the shrimp were replaced with smoked salmon, and I agree (well, not ALL the shrimp). For $30, it’s still a pretty good pizza and value considering how generous they were with the tiger prawns and shrimp (just make sure you love shrimp).


We also got the Blue pizza ($23) to share since one 12 inch pizza’s not enough to feed 7 hungry mouths. Unfortunately, I could’t get a better picture of the pizza as various pieces were already missing when I took out my camera. The crust was nice, thin and crispy, as with the other pizza. For toppings, the blue pizza had rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushroom, baby spinach and stilton blue cheese mousse. The creamy blue cheese was definitely the star of this pizza. The full bodied flavours of the cheese really shined through without being overwhelming. I just wish I tasted more of the rosemary smoked bacon. I could taste a little smokiness, but I didn’t actually get a bite of the rosemary smoked bacon that I was looking forward to.

Flavour-wise, the Blue pizza takes it. I don’t think I’d get the Princess again, but I would like to give Steveston Pizza Co another visit, and I think you should too. You’re bound to find a pizza that floats your boat on their extensive and creative menu. They’re definitely not just any run of the mill pizza shop. Be warned though, there are no tables inside the shop, so be prepared to take the pizza elsewhere. Also, they only have wet napkins, so if you want regular napkins to hold your pizzas, you have to bring your own (It gets pretty messy as the thin crust caves under the weight of the heavy toppings).

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3400 Moncton Street, Richmond