Wu Fung Dessert

Wu Fung Dessert is a Canton style, food stall in Aberdeen Centre. I don’t know why it’s called Wu Fung Dessert when they don’t specialize in desserts, they sell an assortment of Hong Kong style street food. The girls and I wanted to grab something quick to eat before our drunk costume Karaoke party at Millennium K on Halloween (Honestly, we just threw together a costume last minute for the free shots), Aberdeen was just a few blocks away, so we decided to eat at the food court. Whenever it’s cold, I just want to slurp down something hot and soupy that’ll give me that warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. I wandered around the food court, checked out every stall and decided on noodles at Wu Fung. Their most popular items are actually their chicken wings and deep fried squid. Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I usually get them whenever we visit Aberdeen, but we haven’t had them in the recent year after their price increase, decrease in portion size and decline in quality. They’re not the same anymore, but now that I’m talking about it, I kind of miss them. Maybe I’m just hungry right now. Their fried full wings were fall off the bone, crispy, plump and juicy. They’re battered just right, and not too oily. Their fried squid’s done just as good, but I’m biased toward wings. They’re not as delicious as they used to be, but they’re still pretty good.


This is my first time trying their a-la-cart noodles (車仔麵). You get to pick the type of noodle you want and which toppings you’d like from their assortment. For 2 items it’s $5.75, for 3 it’s $6.75 and for 4 it’s $7.75. I got the thick rice noodle(?) (瀨粉) with 3 toppings; curry fishballs, beef brisket and honey comb tripe. It was difficult choosing my toppings as there were a variety of enticing items I could’ve picked. The noodles were al dente. The broth was tasty and didn’t scream MSG, it wasn’t overly salty nor underwhelming. They were pretty generous with the toppings as well. The fish balls were bouncy and had a lovely curry flavour, though I had to eat them first before all the curry bled into my soup. The honey comb tripe was not too chewy, well cooked and well braised. The beef brisket was cooked just right, super tender without any chewiness and had a nice fattiness to them. These were well braised as well and had a great meaty flavour. They also threw in a few stems of gai lan in there so I didn’t feel guilty about not having any veggies, which was totally a bonus in my books.

I don’t usually gravitate towards Canton food, but this time, I’m glad I did. Their noodles were yummy and affordable. I will probably be visiting Wu Fung a lot more often now that I’ve found a new love. Maybe my love for their wings and fried squid will rekindle as well.

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+1 778 233 0167
Central Richmond
Aberdeen Centre, 3220-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

Cafe D’Lite Express

Cafe D’Lite is another popular food stand at the Aberdeen food court. Their most popular items are the Hainanese chicken rice and their laksa. Baby-Paca, Mamallama and I usually get the Hainanese chicken rice, but it was a cold, blustery day and we were in need of some soupy comfort that would warm us up from the inside out. We decided on the Hainanese chicken laksa ($8.25). I was not a fan of laksa previously, but it may largely be due to the fact that I’ve never had good laksa. So I got adventurous and decided to test if my taste has changed.


I’m slightly appalled and reluctant about eating anything that has a film of oil floating on top, but I’m glad I tried it because the coconut curry broth was creamy, fragrant and flavourful. I was expecting it to be spicy, considering the amount of chili oil floating around, but it was barely spicy at all. There were plenty of Hainanese chicken, a bunch of bean sprouts and a few tofu puffs. Their chicken were plump, juicy, tender morsels. The best part is that it’s boneless. But there’s been agreement that their Hainanese chicken used to be better, I find that they’ve recently lost some of its flavour. I was surprised to find rice vermicelli noodles at the bottom. Completely random, but it was a pleasant surprise because I didn’t really like the thick dense yellow noodles. They were kind of bland as the soup just kind of slipped off the strand of noodles. The flavour of the soup clung onto the rice vermicelli better.

The final verdict? This bowl of laksa was pretty decent, not amazing, but I think it sparked my interest. Now I’ll be off on the hunt for that perfect bowl of laksa.

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+1 604 295 6603
Central Richmond
Aberdeen Centre, 3210-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

Teppan Kitchen

Baby-Paca had put a pair of Nikes on hold at Richmond Centre. We decided to eat lunch at the Aberdeen after we picked up her pair of runners since we were in the area (Aberdeen food court beats RC food court big time). We always gravitate towards the same few stalls at the Aberdeen food court. Teppan Kitchen is one of them.

IMG_1965 Our go-to order is the daily special ‘A’ grade beef teppan rice ($8.95 +$0.85 for cheese). The daily special comes with a complimentary miso soup and drink, but Mamallama wanted the 7up Ribena, which I think costed us an extra dollar. I picked up the teppan plate, sizzling hot. I had a few times where the plate wasn’t hot enough. I love the char on my meat, and the slightly burnt crispiness on the rice. If the plate isn’t hot enough, those elements disappear. Baby-Paca and I enjoyed this plate doused in their garlic butter soy sauce. The flavour was buttery and savoury. A little greasy, but we don’t mind it too much. There were plenty of thin beef slices, which were shear and tender. The rice was was topped with scallions and corn nibblets. I love how the corn were like little pockets of juiciness that pop when you bite into them. The cheese was a yummy addition, nicely melted and stringy. The miso soup was pretty standard, I liked that it wasn’t too salty. As for the drink, the Ribena concentrated black currant juice was mixed with 7up with a few slices of lemon. We poked at the lemons to achieve the desired level of sourness. It wasn’t too watered down or sweet.

The prices at Teppan Kichen are decent and so are the portions. The wait time is usually not too long, and I love how they have various sauces put out on the side for customers to abuse. Teppan Kitchen is a pretty good option if you are ever undecided on what to eat at Aberdeen.

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+1 604 295 6656
Central Richmond
Aberdeen Centre, 3250-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

Beard Papa’s

A little over a week ago, I had accompanied KitKat to Richmond to pick up some goodies that she had ordered online on the premise that dessert was to come after (Jokes. I would’ve gladly went with her anyway.) After her facetrade at Richmond Center, we wandered around trying to find Beard Papa’s. Google maps had told us that the little cafe was inside Richmond Center, but it was nowhere to be found. We ended up asking the information desk for directions and the lady told us that Beard Papa had moved just down the block.

Unlike most Beard Papa franchises in Vancouver, this location is a sit down cafe instead of just a stall and they offer a more extensive menu. I’ve been eyeing the mochi waffles for some time now, but I don’t travel to Richmond very often,  and when I do, I usually go to the places that are tried and true.

The cafe was bright and had a very upbeat, modern and invigorating atmosphere to it. On the same note, KitKat and I agreed that it looked like a typical sweet little cafe you’d find in Asia.


KitKat and I ordered a mochi waffle with red bean and green tea ice cream ($8.75). The waffles were cut in adorable heart shapes, perfect for sharing with my lovely date. The waffles, drizzled in condensed milk, were lightly crisp on the surface and had a warm and soft interior. I just wish that the waffle had a little more of that denser, chewier mochi like consistency. The texture wasn’t too distinguishable from an ordinary waffle. The red beans were well cooked, tender and not too sweet. And the ice cream had a nice, strong matcha flavour. I love the contrast of something cold along with something warm.


KitKat and I also individually ordered a cream puff. i had wanted their milk tea flavour, but they didn’t have them that day, so I settled for the original cream puff ($2). Beard Papa’s cream puffs are baked in small batches and filled to order to ensure that they’re consistently fresh. The choux pastry is always light, airy, flaky and crisp. The vanilla scented cream in my puff was silky smooth, with just enough vanilla flavour. It tasted rich, but it wasn’t heavy at all.

KitKat and I were pretty full after we finished our last bites, but as we pretty much had dessert for breakfast, it left us craving something savoury. Usually dessert would come after our main meal, but I guess we were operating backwards today. We didn’t end up eating again though, KitKat was on a mission, and so we had to ration our time (for shopping. Lol).

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+1 778 297 7339
East Richmond
1514 – 6551 Number 3 Road, Richmond

Bubble Waffle Cafe

For my grandparents’ 55th anniversary, we had the whole family come together in celebration. All 14 of us. I love our family reunions. We used to do yearly trips (which I miss greatly), but due to my grandmother’s deteriorating health, we can no longer afford to travel far. But that’s alright, because all that matters is that the everybody is alive and present. So we packed up our clothes and necessities and hopped in a limo to River Rock Casino (Richmond) where we were going to stay for the next 3 days and 2 nights. It was like a mini getaway but without the distance. Harassing my cousin Potato is among one of me and Baby-Paca’s favourite pass times (Baby-Paca has a picture collection of him in VERY flattering angles and awkward moments on her phone). Our family reunions would definitely be a lot less fun for everybody without our entertaining antics indeed. I was fooling around with my cousins and sisters in our penthouse suit when my grandpa suggested we go out for lunch. Originally he suggested we go to the food court in Richmond Centre where we could buy and eat whatever we wanted, but we had reached a consensus that the food court in Aberdeen was 10x better so we frolicked there instead. Bubble Waffle Cafe’s bubble waffles are one of the first things that come to mind when I think about Aberdeen Centre. Judging by the constant lineup no matter the time of day, you know that Bubble Waffle Cafe is one of the more popular stands in the food court.
IMG_1729By the name of this stand, you’ll know that bubble waffles are a must order item. Baby-Paca and I weren’t very hungry so we just ordered a light snack, a cheesecake bubble waffle ($4.15 tax included) to share. I am a bubble waffle fanatic, so I’ve had my fair share of puffets. While they’re a dime a dozen in Asian populations, good ones are hard to come by (Even a majority of the street vendors in Hong Kong (where they originated) were disappointing when I went last winter). But I gotta say that Bubble Waffle Cafe’s bubble waffles are the bomb. The golden and crispy shell envelopes the moist, doughy, slightly chewy and soft insides of the puffets. The texture and aromatic custardy egg flavour is just on point. There’s nothing I’d change about them. The original flavour is the most popular, but cheesecake is my favourite. 

I also had a bite of my cousin Nate’s curry fish balls. They were just decent. The yellow curry was flavourful, not too oily and just mildly spicy. The fish balls were bite sized and had a bounce to them.

While I rate Bubble waffle Cafe a 3.5 out of 5, if I were to rate the cafe just solely based on their bubble waffles, I’d give them a solid 4.5, with the .5 deducted just for the long wait time and that one time they overcooked my bubble waffle, remade it like 3 times and still ended up a little too crunchy (but I think they were experiencing technical difficulties that day).

After our snack, we shopped around the mall. One of our stops was Candy Land, where Potato needed help deciding which flavours of Pocky to buy. He picked up a box that only had writing in Japanese and asked me what flavour it was. To our amusement, it read 大人のミルク “Adult’s milk.” He maintained a weird disgusted face for a good 5-10 seconds. I assured him that it wasn’t breast milk flavoured (lol!). He ended up getting it and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture to upload onto my Insta.

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+1 (604) 370-2211
Central Richmond › Aberdeen Centre, Food Court,
3000-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond