Dinesty Dumpling House

I have heard a lot of about Dinesty Dumpling House so I was estactic to hear that a new location opened up near Metrotown. Mamallama and Totoro wanted to go eat at Dinesty on Monday without me, but upon arrival, they found out that they weren’t open. Luckily for me, Mamallama and Totoro decided to try again with me the next day.

There were plenty of open tables, yet there was a lineup at the door. You could tell that the front of house was severely understaffed. In contrast, the kitchen was like a factory with a thousand people churning out orders, so service was very slow but our food arrived almost instantaneously once we were able to put our order in with the waitress.


Chinese fried donuts wrapped in egg pancake ($3.95): the Chinese fried donuts were soft and doughy. The egg pancake is actually more like an egg crepe and it was topped with a sprinkle of pork floss. This dish lacked seasoning, it needed a sauce to go with it.


Bean curd mushroom roll ($8.50): The bean curd roll was crispy and wasn’t greasy, but again, it lacked seasoning. Apparently this comes with a sweet and sour sauce but the server had forgotten to bring it to our table until a lot later when we had already eaten half of it.


Stewed duck leg in brown sauce ($7.50): The duck meat was a little dry and tough, the  sauce was a little too sweet and the flavour of the sauce did not seep into the duck so the dish was quite bland.


Steamed pork soup dumplings ($7.50): There are 8 soup dumplings in one order. They were bite sized pockets of soupy goodness. The skin wasn’t too thick and the pork was juicy.


Noodle soup with beef ($8.95): The noodle soup had a clear broth that lacked the distinct concentrated braised flavour that this type of beef noodle soup should have. The noodles were a little overcooked and soft, on the otherhand, the beef was tender and flavourful.


Pan-fried radish slice cake ($3.95): There are 3 radish slice cakes in 1 order, though I think it’s more accurate to call them pastries. The warm flaky pastry was filled with julienned daikon and a tiny bit of bacon and dried shrimp for added flavour.

Overall, we were disappointed with Dinesty. Shanghainese food should be very flavourful, however, the dishes we tried were bland. Other than the pork soup dumplings and the pan-fried radish slice cake, everything lacked seasoning. We probably won’t be back any time soon as there are better Shanghainese restaurants in the area.

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Shanghai Elan Restaurant

After I got off work last weekend, Mamallama and I had met up for our weekly grocery run. Seeing as how I spend a majority of my days out at school, or at work, I always need to pack food for convenience. Things Baby-Paca and I can bring on the go like bread, buns, salads, etc whenever we won’t be home for lunch or dinner. Afterwards, Mamallama and I sat down at Shanghai Elan and ordered before Mamallama scurried off to pick up Baby-Paca from work (yes, Baby-Paca is working her first real job. I couldn’t help but feel old, they all grow up so fast. She’ll always be my baby sister though), Mamallama didn’t have much time before she had to go off to work. Things at my household have been pretty hectic lately as we all have our own schedules and we’re caught up doing what we gotta do.

The restaurant was pretty much empty when we got there at 5:45pm, probably because dinner shift just started. The restaurant began to fill up with people and all the food had arrived before Mamallama came back with Baby-Paca. I didn’t want to start without them, so I was just there awkwardly trying to occupy myself, moving the dishes around and taking a million photos.


Chicken with spicy sauce ( 口水雞 $8.50): The chicken was sitting in a pool of chili sauce and had a dollop of peanut sauce on top under the chopped cilantro and fried peanuts. This dish is aptly named as the sauce is mouth-wateringly good, though it’s not too spicy (in Chinese, 口水 means saliva. It sounds unappealing in English, but it works in Chinese).


Pan fried pork with bean sprouts (京醬肉絲 $14.50): The English name of this plate on the menu is misleading, there are (and should be) no bean sprouts in this dish. I think they got them confused with green onions. Good thing I read Chinese. The saucy Beijing style pork was served with 8 crepes. The crepe is the kind that you would get with Peking duck. I love interactive dishes that let me play with my food. We wrapped the pork up in the crepe and gobbled them up.


Chicken vermicelli ( 雞絲粉皮 $8.50): Again, the English translation is incredibly misleading. This is not a vermicelli, instead these are Shanghai noodle sheets made from green bean starch. It has a slippery texture and doesn’t have much of a taste on its own. This dish comes in a vinegary peanut/sesame sauce. This was a rather light tasting dish and did not have enough sauce to go around. Baby-Paca and I had left over starch sheets which we mixed with the spicy sauce from the saliva chicken dish, it was delicious. In fact, these green bean starch sheets are usually done two ways, usually with the peanut/sesame sauce, or with the chili sauce similar to the one in the spicy chicken dish.


Shrimp in honey mayo sauce (松沙汁蝦): The shrimp were battered and fried, then tossed with chunks of pineapples in a honey mayo sauce. The shrimp remained crunchy despite being covered in ample amounts of sauce. I actually had to wipe away some of the sauce before I ate them, but I love the combination of sweet and savoury. The tang of the pineapples helped to cut away some of the richness of the mayo.


Baked white turnip cakes (蘿蔔絲酥餅 $5.50): These are not turnip cakes, they’re daikon pastries. white turnip cake would be an entirely different thing (蘿蔔糕). But the poor translation is the only complaint I have for this dish. The pastry was crisp and flaky with just the right thickness. The julienned daikon filling was accented with tiny bits of bacon, which provided a great flavour profile. I can’t name any other restaurants that make good savoury daikon pastries.

Overall, I had a very satisfying meal, but I think it’s largely due to the fact that I haven’t had the time to sit down and have an actual dinner for a week or two. I guess I just appreciate the simple things in life.

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