Screamers Soft Serve and Treats

While Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I were strolling back to our car, we passed by Screamers and thought there was no better day than this hot summer day to have ourselves some creamy, frosty goodness. As we got closer, I saw a poster on the side of their shop advertising pineapple soft serve. I could not believe my eyes. We have Dole whip right here in Vancouver?! I was so excited. Dole whip reminded me of my happy adventures in Hawaii and LA Disneyland where I last had one.


Pineapple Dole soft serve/Dole whip ($3 mini size): The Dole whip was silky, sweet and tangy with potent pineapple flavour. It’s incredibly refreshing. We were originally going to share one amongst the 3 of us, but after having a taste, we decided one just wasn’t enough. Mamallama went back to buy another one as Baby-Paca and I happily scooped away while beaming with satisfaction.

Screamer ($2.50 mini size): A screamer is basically soft serve on top of a slushy. Crush lime, Crush grape, Crush cream soda and root beer were the daily flavours available. We got Crush cream soda. The soft serve was satiny smooth and tasty. Screamers are awesome for when you can’t decide between ice cream or slurpee. Why not have both? It’s just great.

I will definitely be back whenever I’m in the area.

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+1 604 364 8740
12211 Third Avenue, Richmond

Steveston Pizza Co.

Steveston Pizza’s Princess pizza has gained a lot of exposure on Instagram lately. I can totally understand why though. I mean, look at this marvellous sight. It’s beauty just cannot be contained.

IMG_1399The pizza was topped with large in shell tiger prawns that were assembled to look like a crown. Now the presentation of the pizza’s impeccable, but I just didn’t feel like it tasted as good as it looked. Maybe my expectations were a little high due to how hyped up it was. The description on the menu said that the toppings included prawns, crab, essence of pernod (anise flavoured liqueur), tomatoes and fennel salsa, but frankly, when we took off the tiger prawns, it just tasted like a regular shrimp pizza with tomato sauce to me. The ingredients were fresh nonetheless, I just didn’t taste very much of the other flavours.  I also didn’t find any distinguishable pieces of crab. It did have smoked salmon though, which is always a plus in my books, but I only got a tiny sliver of it as I was amongst the last to eat. Baby-Paca said she would’ve liked the pizza more if all the shrimp were replaced with smoked salmon, and I agree (well, not ALL the shrimp). For $30, it’s still a pretty good pizza and value considering how generous they were with the tiger prawns and shrimp (just make sure you love shrimp).


We also got the Blue pizza ($23) to share since one 12 inch pizza’s not enough to feed 7 hungry mouths. Unfortunately, I could’t get a better picture of the pizza as various pieces were already missing when I took out my camera. The crust was nice, thin and crispy, as with the other pizza. For toppings, the blue pizza had rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushroom, baby spinach and stilton blue cheese mousse. The creamy blue cheese was definitely the star of this pizza. The full bodied flavours of the cheese really shined through without being overwhelming. I just wish I tasted more of the rosemary smoked bacon. I could taste a little smokiness, but I didn’t actually get a bite of the rosemary smoked bacon that I was looking forward to.

Flavour-wise, the Blue pizza takes it. I don’t think I’d get the Princess again, but I would like to give Steveston Pizza Co another visit, and I think you should too. You’re bound to find a pizza that floats your boat on their extensive and creative menu. They’re definitely not just any run of the mill pizza shop. Be warned though, there are no tables inside the shop, so be prepared to take the pizza elsewhere. Also, they only have wet napkins, so if you want regular napkins to hold your pizzas, you have to bring your own (It gets pretty messy as the thin crust caves under the weight of the heavy toppings).

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+1 604 2040777
3400 Moncton Street, Richmond