e.b.o Restaurant

Last Sunday, the girls and I went to dine out at e.b.o Restaurant. Dine out was just an excuse for us all to get together and catch up over yummy food. The interior was classy and contemporary but didn’t require you to dress up. We were given a large table in the corner with a veil for privacy. Service was very slow, it took about an hour after our starter for entrees to arrive at the table. Trying to flag down our server was difficult as we were situated in the back of the room, but we still had a good time sharing laughs and indulging in food together.

The dine out menu was set at $30.


We all started off with the maple cured pacific provider pink salmon. The cured salmon was accompanied with smoked sour cream, sunchoke, compressed Asian pear and apple pearls. This dish was incredibly fresh and invigorating. It tasted like Spring on a plate. I loved the sweetness of the juicy Asian pear, it complimented this savoury appetizer wonderfully. This dis was very balanced, textually and flavourwise. The only thing I didn’t like were the apple pearls. They were gelatinous and the flavour was dull. They’re like those beads you put into vases to soak up and hold water. You know, those beads that prevent spillage while providing moisture to your flowers?


I ordered the pork duo for my entree. It’s actually a trio, there’s slow cooked pork loin, crisp pork belly and smoked ham hock samosa accompanied with some apple miso mostarda and cauliflower puree. The pork belly and pork loin was too fatty for me, I had to trim off some of the fat. The pork was very tender, but a little salty. I thought the samosa was random, and the shell could’ve been crispier, but i love the presentation and the brightness of this plate.


For dessert, we all got the Vietnamese coffee” in a jar. It consisted of espresso mousse, condensed milk ice cream, cocoa nibs, coffee pearls, chocolate brownie bites, chilled strawberries and topped with a biscotti. This dessert was exquisite. The condensed milk ice cream was very refreshing, and not too sweet. The expresso mousse was tantalizingly bittersweet with a lovely hint of Kahlua. The biscotti was nice and crumbly. But again, I didn’t like the pearls, they were a strange texture and had a dull taste, but scooping then off wasn’t a problem.

We didn’t think we’d be full from the meal, Maweiner had commented that she might have to find more food to eat afterwards, but we were all surprisingly stuffed. While the portions weren’t big, our entree was very rich and filling, so our bellies were satisfied. But somehow CoCo got brought into conversation and we just had to make a final stop for bubble tea before we headed home.

e.b.o Restaurant & Lounge - Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

+1 604 453 0788
Central Burnaby
4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby


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