Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

A long, long time ago, my spuddy Potato had given me gave me the inside scoop on Nordstrom’s VIP BFF premiere event; I had booked facials, bra fittings and makeovers for my bestie KitKat and I (all free of cost). And after a whole morning of being pampered, picking off the delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts, recieving mountains of free samples and enabling each other to make purchases (portion of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation), KitKat and I hit the streets of downtown Vancouver with our high spirits and radiant post shopping glow. While we strolled around as advertising agents of Nordstrom with our gazillion shopping bags, we came across Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck and KitKat suggested we get a sandwich to share as we haven’t officially had lunch yet (though we’ve been munching throughout the morning). I couldn’t resist, so we split a sandwich before the two of us split.


Mom’s Grilled cheese Truck has daily specials and classic grilled cheeses which you can customize.We ordered a classic grilled cheese on sourdough with havarti cheese ($8) and made it a super-deluxe with double smoked bacon and avocado (+$1.75 each). If avocado is available as an add on, you can count on KitKat ordering it.


Just look at this beauty gleaming in the sun. It was ooey gooey goodness. The slices of toast were nicely buttered and the avocado added a smooth creaminess that mellowed out the saltiness of the cheese. The only complaint I have is that I don’t eat fast enough as cheese cools down and congeals too quickly, but that’s no fault of Mom’s of course.

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e.b.o Restaurant

Last Sunday, the girls and I went to dine out at e.b.o Restaurant. Dine out was just an excuse for us all to get together and catch up over yummy food. The interior was classy and contemporary but didn’t require you to dress up. We were given a large table in the corner with a veil for privacy. Service was very slow, it took about an hour after our starter for entrees to arrive at the table. Trying to flag down our server was difficult as we were situated in the back of the room, but we still had a good time sharing laughs and indulging in food together.

The dine out menu was set at $30.


We all started off with the maple cured pacific provider pink salmon. The cured salmon was accompanied with smoked sour cream, sunchoke, compressed Asian pear and apple pearls. This dish was incredibly fresh and invigorating. It tasted like Spring on a plate. I loved the sweetness of the juicy Asian pear, it complimented this savoury appetizer wonderfully. This dis was very balanced, textually and flavourwise. The only thing I didn’t like were the apple pearls. They were gelatinous and the flavour was dull. They’re like those beads you put into vases to soak up and hold water. You know, those beads that prevent spillage while providing moisture to your flowers?


I ordered the pork duo for my entree. It’s actually a trio, there’s slow cooked pork loin, crisp pork belly and smoked ham hock samosa accompanied with some apple miso mostarda and cauliflower puree. The pork belly and pork loin was too fatty for me, I had to trim off some of the fat. The pork was very tender, but a little salty. I thought the samosa was random, and the shell could’ve been crispier, but i love the presentation and the brightness of this plate.


For dessert, we all got the Vietnamese coffee” in a jar. It consisted of espresso mousse, condensed milk ice cream, cocoa nibs, coffee pearls, chocolate brownie bites, chilled strawberries and topped with a biscotti. This dessert was exquisite. The condensed milk ice cream was very refreshing, and not too sweet. The expresso mousse was tantalizingly bittersweet with a lovely hint of Kahlua. The biscotti was nice and crumbly. But again, I didn’t like the pearls, they were a strange texture and had a dull taste, but scooping then off wasn’t a problem.

We didn’t think we’d be full from the meal, Maweiner had commented that she might have to find more food to eat afterwards, but we were all surprisingly stuffed. While the portions weren’t big, our entree was very rich and filling, so our bellies were satisfied. But somehow CoCo got brought into conversation and we just had to make a final stop for bubble tea before we headed home.

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Central Burnaby
4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby

Reflect Social Dining + Lounge

Reflect Social Dining + Lounge was the first dine out I went to this year. I looked into it pretty late and most restaurants were already booked solid, especially since Penguin and I wanted to go during the weekend. I browsed through the endless listings of restaurants and was able to get a reservation at Reflect. Their Dine out menu was offered at $40.

Penguin was over at my house showing me the joys of Game of Thrones earlier that day, as the time of our reservation approached, we got ready and made our way down to the restaurant. Reflect Social Dining + Lounge is located inside Hilton Metrotown.

The lounge was pretty peaceful and quiet. The black granite tables were accented with red candle light. However, I found the the lighting inside the restaurant a little too harsh, I would’ve preferred if the light was a little dimmer and warmer in colour. Service was friendly and attentive.


For starters, I ordered the sake Infused Octopus Carpaccio Salad. The thin slices of octopus were tender, but my favourite component of this dish was the octopus bits that were marinated in a wasabi sauce. There’s also kelp, tobiko and radish on the plate. Everything tasted fresh. I couldn’t find the sake anywhere, but the zing from the wasabi and the citrus notes from the ponzu vinaigrette made this a very appetizing starter.


I got the duo of ½ atlantic lobster thermidor and sesame ahi tuna loin for my entree. The portions were on the smaller side and the flavours were underwhelming. The ahi tuna tasted like roasted sesame and tuna and the lobster thermidor tasted like cooked lobster meat mixed in a cream sauce that’s been placed back in its shell. Everything on this dish lacked sodium and seasoning. The red kuri squash puree did not go well with the rest of this dish and the greens under the lobster were in dire need of some sort of vinaigrette.


Penguin has never been to dine out before, ironically, he decided to order off of the regular menu. He got the 10oz. AAA ribeye steak ($30), which was a very good call because it was delicious. The steak was nicely charred on the surface and remained juicy and tender on the inside. There were also a medley of veggies under the steak, the only thing he didn’t like was the artichokes which had a strange sourness. Unlike my entree, Penguin’s steak was very flavourful and filling and he was quite satisfied with it.


For dessert, I opted for the salted caramel cheesecake. The cheesecake was like a new york style cheesecake with a layer of what tasted like melted Werther’s original candies on top. very rich, smooth and decadent, a tad too sweet for me though. The macaron on the side was also too sweet. I thought it’d be a strawberry flavoured macaron but it was just a plain almond one.


Penguin got the dulce de leche cheesecake ($8.50), which was essentially the same cheesecake as mine but in a different cut with slightly different garnishes. His cheesecake came with a chocolate ganache and mango puree while mine came with strawberry syrup. It was a little too sweet for me, but not for Penguin, who thoroughly enjoyed it.

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+1 604 438 1200
Central Burnaby
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, 6083 Mckay Avenue, Burnaby

Cockney Kings Fish and Chips

I had just gotten home from a successful interview when I began receiving a string of text messages from Baby-Paca telling me that she had just finished school but had to be back at 7 for a meeting and how she was hungry enough to eat a whole cow. Initially, I was just going to stay home, but Baby-Paca wanted company, so being the wonderful sister that I am, I decided I’d rendezvous with her wherever she decided she wanted to eat. Like a majority of siblings, we have a very love-hate relationship. While we bicker and pull each others’ hairs out all the time, I know she’d be hella lonely and miss me every day that I’m gone (such as when I’m away on vacation). Plus she wouldn’t have anyone to get excited over food or share with or complain to and watch dramas with.

I had gotten off the bus and stalked Baby-Paca for a good 2 blocks before she noticed me. After I had my fun, I revealed my location and we walked over to Cockney Kings. Cockney Kings took us on a trip to memory lane. Baby-Paca and I started talking about how delighted we got when dad used to buy us fish and chips when we were kids and our parents were still together and how we haven’t been back much since. Then it occurred to me that the last time I ate at Cockney Kings was with Stud Muffin about a year ago, which catalyzed a whole ‘nother series of recollections. It always put a smile on my face seeing how excited he would get for all you can eat. Unfortunately, he’s not around to pig out with me anymore.

Anyway, that’s enough side tracking! There was a wait list when we arrived. There were a few empty tables but the waitresses had not gotten around to cleaning them. We were seated after about 10-15 minutes. Baby-Paca mentioned how Cockney Kings would be a super chill place to work, since everyone moved at their own pace.

On Mondays-Wednesdays, Cockney Kings offers all you can eat fish and chips for $10.95. Initially, I was just going to order off the menu, since I’ve been trying to reduce calorific intake (without much success, because let’s face it, food is too good, and I get really hungry whenever I have classes. All that brain power, right?!). But after looking at the prices, I changed my mind seeing as all you can eat was obviously a much better deal. The paper setting has Cockney slangs printed on them, and it has colouring, connect the dots, etc. on the back to keep kids entertained. I always have a good laugh going through the placemats while waiting for food to arrive.


The all you can eat comes with bottomless soda pop. Baby-Paca had 2 refills of her ginger ale before I even finished one glass. The fish in the all you can eat fish and chips is the pollock variety. We had a whole bottle of Cockney Kings’ delicious tartar sauce at our disposal. The pollock was piping hot, flaky, moist and tender. The British style batter was fried to crispy golden perfection without being overly greasy.  However, I would’ve liked if the fish itself was seasoned as it lacked sodium if eaten without tartar sauce. As for the chips, they were fresh and full of potato-y goodness, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Baby-Paca and I had a satisfying meal. I had ruined my diet plans for the day, but it was worth it. Since we’ve moved back to the North Burnaby area, I think we’ll come by more often now that we actually remember this place. Baby-Paca said she’s heard that the poutine here was good, but they had run out of cheese curds. I guess we’ll have to save it for next time!

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+1 604 291 1323
North Burnaby
Kensington Square, 6574 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck

Nordstrom officially opens their doors to the public on Sept. 18, but luckily for me, Potato had given me the inside scoop on Nordstrom’s VIP BFF premiere event and I had booked facials, bra fittings and makeovers for KitKat and I (all free of cost). After a whole morning of being pampered, picking off the delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts, recieving mountains of free samples and enabling each other to make purchases (portion of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation), KitKat and I hit the streets of downtown Vancouver with our high spirits and radiant glow. While we strolling around as advertising agents of Nordstrom with our gazillion shopping bags, we came across Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck and KitKat suggested we get a sandwich to share as we haven’t officially had lunch yet (though we’ve been munching throughout the morning). I couldn’t resist.


Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck has daily specials and classic grilled cheeses which you can customize. We ordered a classic grilled cheese on sourdough with havarti cheese ($8) and made it a super-deluxe with double smoked bacon and avocado (+$1.75 each).


The sandwich was served to us in a paper cone with 2 spears of pickles and kettle chips at the bottom. The bread had been buttered and the cheese was ooey gooey. The avocado was creamy and the double smoked bacon added just the right amount of smokey saltiness. While perfectly delicious on its own, KitKat and I enjoyed a little bit of sriracha ketchup with our sandwich. It totally added a whole ‘nother dimension. Moreover, the spicy, tangy sauce offset the heavy richness of the cheese.

KitKat and I only had half a sandwich each, but it was super filling. We didn’t even finish our pickles and chips. Nevertheless, we still had room for ice cream! I had caught wind that Uyu extended their milk tea soft serve for the week and that’s where we headed next. After our indulgence, we were off to pick up some wine and cheese to prepare for our epic night in with the girls. Basically, Netflix and chill. My kind of date night.

+1 604 767 9768
Hornby Street & Cordova Street, Vancouver


KitKat’s summer courses have put a hamper on our workout plans, but I’m glad to say that we’re back on track! We immediately hit up the gym after KitKat clawed her way through her last final.  Afterwards, we met up with Richa for some comfort food at Burgoo.

We arrived at around 7:40pm and were told that there would be about a 20 minute wait, so we went to 49th Parallel where KitKat grabbed a doughnut and Richa got an iced coffee. We returned to Burgoo shortly afterwards. While we waited inside, KitKit slowly picked away at her lemon poppy doughnut that she was initially saving for dessert. Although service was nice and friendly, the staff were excruciatingly slow at cleaning and setting up the tables. The 20 minute wait ended up being over double the estimated time. Originally, I wasn’t very hungry, but by the time we sat down, we were all famished.

We ordered a brie fondue ($11) to share. It was served with cut red apple, grapes, and crusty bread on the side for dipping. The brie fondue was kept warm and gooey with a candle. My only issue was that the crusty bread wasn’t very “crusty,” it didn’t have the textural contrast between the soft innards. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the sweet, crisp, apples with the savoury and pungent brie.

While our appetizer arrived promptly after we ordered, our entrees did not arrive until another 25 minutes after our server cleared away empty plates. We suspect that this may be because Richa’s decadent French onion soup requires more time to prepare, and all of our dishes had to come at the same time.

IMG_1600The presentation of my after school special ($17 any soup cup paired with sandwich of choice) with the sunset corn and chicken soup and the tastiest chicken sandwich was delightful. While the soup was hearty, chocked full of corn nibblets and diced chicken, It was also considerably refreshing and light tasting for a cream based soup. It had bright and lively Mexican flavours, like a fiesta in my mouth. After having a taste, KitKat said it was like eating a taco in liquid form. Definitely the highlight of my dinner. The tastiest chicken on the other hand was just average. The open faced sandwich was topped with diced chicken, bacon, brie and diced apples, squirted with Dijon mayo and finished with some greens sprinkled over top like an afterthought. I was expecting a medley of flavours that melded together, However, the the ingredients didn’t really blend together. The mayo only tasted faintly of Dijon and the onion jam was nowhere to be found. It just tasted overwhelmingly of chicken and mayo. 

KitKat ordered the after school special with straight up tomato and gooey cheese grillers. Basically, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The soup was straight up tomato, literally. It had such intense flavour that it was like drinking a condense tomato. While it was delicious when you dipped the ooey gooey grilled cheese (that had a nice and crispy exterior) into it, I thought the tomato soup was a little too acidic and robust to be consumed by itself.

All in all, the food was decent, but Richa, KitKat and I were expected big things from Burgoo, having waited for so long. In the end, it just wasn’t worth the wait. By the time we were done dinner, it was already well past 10. But that doesn’t stop us from going for desserts though! We settled for some Sweet Revenge.

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Mount Pleasant
3096 Main Street, Vancouver


Sunshine and I had been planning to get together to catch up on each other’s lives for awhile, but it was canceled last minute numerous times because something always popped up. Sunshine’s one of those awesome friends where even if we don’t talk or see each other for a long time, our relationship would still be as tight as if we hung out everyday. But I’m glad to say that our bro date finally happened. Sunshine picked me up after my early morning staff meeting for work and we headed over to Yolk’s for brunch.

While the inside of Yolk’s is rather plain looking, it has a bright and homely atmosphere. The staff at Yolk’s are friendly and full of personality. The food here is also pretty good.


I like that you get to customize your bennies at Yolk’s ($7.50 for 1 egg, $10.25 for 2 eggs). I got the double smoked bacon with arugula, poached egg, hollandaise, on an English muffin with a side of truffle lemon hash browns (+$1) and Okanagan Valley goat cheese (+$1). My favourite part of the plate was definitely the truffle lemon hash browns. Now my first bite was really lemony and sour. Sunshine agreed. It left us wondering “why the lemons?” But once we dipped the hash browns into the spicy ketchup, it sang a perfect sonnet. The sourness was neutralized and all the other flavours were brought out. They were simply addicting. The benny on the other hand was good, but not mind blowing. I didn’t think the goat cheese was worth the additional dollar considering how I only received a tiny sprinkle on my benny, which I barely tasted. The bacon was crisp and smokey, but all the other components were just average.

As we were eating, one of the ladies stopped by our table to check up on us and noticed that our eggs were slightly less runny than they should’ve been. Sunshine and I said that it was okay, but she immediately told us that overcooked eggs at Yolk’s are not alright and that she’ll send us new eggs. That was super kind of her. Our eggs arrived promptly, and the lady jokingly said that she’ll beat up the chefs in the back of the parking lot later on in the day. I gotta say that it really did make a difference to our bennies. But unfortunately, we were almost finished by that time. Sunshine and I were pretty full after cleaning off our plates, especially Sunshine who ordered 2 eggs and ended up with 4. Hahah.

Sunshine and I had a great time catching up at Yolk’s. The next time I come back, I would like to try their chicken and waffles!

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1298 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Steveston Pizza Co.

Steveston Pizza’s Princess pizza has gained a lot of exposure on Instagram lately. I can totally understand why though. I mean, look at this marvellous sight. It’s beauty just cannot be contained.

IMG_1399The pizza was topped with large in shell tiger prawns that were assembled to look like a crown. Now the presentation of the pizza’s impeccable, but I just didn’t feel like it tasted as good as it looked. Maybe my expectations were a little high due to how hyped up it was. The description on the menu said that the toppings included prawns, crab, essence of pernod (anise flavoured liqueur), tomatoes and fennel salsa, but frankly, when we took off the tiger prawns, it just tasted like a regular shrimp pizza with tomato sauce to me. The ingredients were fresh nonetheless, I just didn’t taste very much of the other flavours.  I also didn’t find any distinguishable pieces of crab. It did have smoked salmon though, which is always a plus in my books, but I only got a tiny sliver of it as I was amongst the last to eat. Baby-Paca said she would’ve liked the pizza more if all the shrimp were replaced with smoked salmon, and I agree (well, not ALL the shrimp). For $30, it’s still a pretty good pizza and value considering how generous they were with the tiger prawns and shrimp (just make sure you love shrimp).


We also got the Blue pizza ($23) to share since one 12 inch pizza’s not enough to feed 7 hungry mouths. Unfortunately, I could’t get a better picture of the pizza as various pieces were already missing when I took out my camera. The crust was nice, thin and crispy, as with the other pizza. For toppings, the blue pizza had rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushroom, baby spinach and stilton blue cheese mousse. The creamy blue cheese was definitely the star of this pizza. The full bodied flavours of the cheese really shined through without being overwhelming. I just wish I tasted more of the rosemary smoked bacon. I could taste a little smokiness, but I didn’t actually get a bite of the rosemary smoked bacon that I was looking forward to.

Flavour-wise, the Blue pizza takes it. I don’t think I’d get the Princess again, but I would like to give Steveston Pizza Co another visit, and I think you should too. You’re bound to find a pizza that floats your boat on their extensive and creative menu. They’re definitely not just any run of the mill pizza shop. Be warned though, there are no tables inside the shop, so be prepared to take the pizza elsewhere. Also, they only have wet napkins, so if you want regular napkins to hold your pizzas, you have to bring your own (It gets pretty messy as the thin crust caves under the weight of the heavy toppings).

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3400 Moncton Street, Richmond


I distinctly remember looking out the window and seeing the sign for Joey Tomato’s (Coquitlam location) whenever we drove over to my grandmother’s for a visit. However, I never dropped in and gave it a try until it was renamed JOEY.  My family decided on JOEY for dinner to celebrate my older sister’s birthday. From the outside, JOEY looks pretty unassuming. Indoors, it’s like the typical dimly lit restaurant like Cactus Club or Milestone’s. It’s nicely decorated and there’s a lively atmosphere.


As soon as we were seated, our waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special. We told her we were celebrating a birthday and she surprised us all with lemonade slushy in shooter glasses. The lemonade tasted a bit too sour and a little artificial to me so I ended up giving mine away to Baby-Paca to finish, but I appreciate the gesture.

For starters, we ordered the yam fries and ahi tuna tacos to share. For the entree, Mamallama, Baby-Paca and I ended up ordering the steak frites, my older sister got the lobster and prawn ravioli while my mom’s boyfriend got a burger (which I did not get the chance to photograph or taste).


Yam fries with truffle lemon aioli ($8.50): The yam fries came sprinkled with grated Grana Padano (a cheese that tasted like parmesan) and were delicious with the aioli that it came with. The slight tang from the lemon made the aioli less heavy than other mayonnaise-based sauces. I love the decadent earthy aroma of truffles. Truffles just makes (almost) everything taste better.


Ahi tuna tacos ($12.50): The seared rare ahi tuna was served on a flat little deep fried tortilla with coleslaw, and a light wasabi aioli. The shell was crisp without being oily or greasy and it was nicely salted. The tuna was complimented well by the coleslaw, which had an acidic ginger dressing. You could tell that the vegetables in the coleslaw were fresh as the sweetness in the cabbage comes through. The only downside is that the aioli didn’t have that kick you’d expect from the wasabi. It only tasted faintly of wasabi, it wasn’t spicy at all. Eating it was also a little messy because the taco shell was piled pretty high with coleslaw and the shell crumbles on you.


Steak frites ($20): The CAB prime sirloin is topped with parsley butter, with a side of rocket greens and fries. Baby-Paca and I added blue cheese butter on the side (additional $3 each) as the flavor of the parsey butter is kind of mild and lacked a bit of sodium, we preferred something stronger with more richness. The steak came like we ordered it, medium rare. It was juicy and pink on the inside, but it was still a little chewy. Prime sirloins are known for being the most flavourful cut of meat, but it is also not the most tender cut of meat. The steaks were considerably small (5oz) compared to the steaks we’re used to seeing, but honestly, for $20 it’s still a good deal and the portion on our plates were definitely enough to fill us up. The rocket greens (arugula) were wilted by the balsamic dressing and had a shiny sheen to it that put me off slightly, but it was tasty without that bitterness that usually accompanies arugula. They were also super generous with the fries, which I enjoyed. Some people may prefer them more crispy, but I like the mushy kind of fries (they were kind of like Mc Donald’s mushy fries but less salty).


Lobster and prawn ravioli ($22): The ravioli pasta was stuffed with lobster and crab meat, topped with grilled prawns, lobster cream sauce and fresh dill. My sister also added an extra wedge of garlic toast ($2.25). I love pasta, but I generally avoid ordering ravioli at restaurants because I don’t like the mushy filling. The grilled prawns were nicely done, but the ravioli would’ve tasted pretty one-note and bland if not for the dill.

Our waitress was friendly and attentive. Mamallama mentioned that her piece of steak was chewy when our waitress came by to ask us how the food was tasting and she apologized and sent it back to the kitchen even though it was already half eaten (Mamallama was originally gonna let it go and just finish her meal). She replaced it with a peppercorn steak that was noticeably juicer and more tender and she had taken it off of our tab altogether. Talk about excellent service!

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+1 604 939-3077
550 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam

X-Site Grill and Bistro

This place always reminds me of my dad, he was the one who always brought my sister and I here for lunch when we were younger. Back then, having the mind of a typical young teenager, I thought X-Site was the funkiest (non-PG) name ever for a restaurant. That was my only impression of the place. Today, my thoughts have become a little more refined and sophisticated (who am I kidding, I still think it’s a weird name. Hahahahh). Anywaaaaaaaaaaay…

X-Site Grill and Bistro is a great choice when you’re ballin’ on a budget or looking for good value for your money. The food is decent and the portions are big. Did I mention they have $6.95 dinner specials, and $5.95 lunch specials (with purchase of a drink) Mondays to Thursdays? Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

It was a Saturday evening on this particular visit so the restaurant wasn’t packed (presumably because there are no specials on weekends). Baby-Paca arrived first since she just finished her group study at the library nearby. Mamallama picked me up from the gym and we arrived a little later. When we got there, Baby-Paca mentioned that she was ignored after she was seated and that the waitress didn’t even offer here a glass of water until a lot later (at first I assumed it was because of Baby-Paca’s young age). Shortly after Mamallama and I sat down, the waitress came over to take our order. I asked her for recommendations since we were deciding between 3 items, she crossed her arms impatiently and said “They’re all good” with an attitude-y tone. We ended up ordering the teriyaki New York steak and chicken fettuccini alfredo to share among the 3 of us.


New York teriyaki steak ($9.95):  The steak was served with rice pilaf, roasted potatoes topped with sour cream, green salad and 2 slices of garlic bread. The rice pilaf was lightly seasoned and the potatoes were fork tender. The green salad came with a balsamic vinaigrette, however the dressing just washed off the salad as the leafy greens were not dried before tossing. The garlic bread was standard, but could’ve done with a little more garlic butter. The steak came medium rare, just like how we ordered it. It was mostly tender, but a few bites were a little more tough and chewy (tendons?). I found the sauce a tad too sweet but maybe it’s just me, Mamallama and Baby-Paca didn’t have a problem with it. The teriyaki sauce was a blend of Japanese soy sauce, pineapple juice, honey, wine and ginger. The ginger is forefront, but unfortunately without the spicy zing to it, which may have offsetted the sweetness.


Chicken fettuccine alfredo ($9.95): Grilled chicken on top of a bed of fettuccine with pesto alfredo sauce, sprinkled with grated parmesan and a side of garlic bread. The chicken was pleasantly seasoned with what tasted like a blend of Italian herbs. The chicken meat wasn’t dry, but it wasn’t exactly juicy either. The pasta was a little doughy and soft for my taste. We were a little hesitant on ordering this plate as Baby-Paca’s not a fan of pesto, but the cream sauce only tasted faintly of pesto, which turned out in her favour. The sauce was not too heavy, just enough to cling onto the pasta.

The 2 plates we ordered ended up being the perfect amount of food for the 3 of us. At X-Site, you get what you pay for. Despite my complaints, the food is pretty tasty and the service isn’t always as unsatisfying as it was today. Overall, X-Site is a restaurant we’ll keep coming back to.

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+1 604 298 7483
North Burnaby
4625 Hastings Street, Burnaby