Cozmos Cafe

After being MIA, having neglected my blog for all this time, I gotta say that getting back on it is a bit of a struggle. Right this moment, I’m actually at Fondway staring at my laptop, drawing a blank while my baes, Kitkat and Jujube work away on their own projects. Dropping from being the 15th ranked blog on Zomato to whatever it is now during my absence has really depleted my motivation to write. Where do I even begin? I guess this is a start.

MamaLlama, BabyPaca and I have been distant as of late since our schedules don’t match up. Wanting to squeeze in a little family time before MamaLlama left for work, we decided to go out for a quick bite to eat. Being tight on time, we decided on a place close to home. After much debate, we decided on Cozmos since we’ve never been and I needed material to blog.


Upon being seated, Babypaca and I promptly noticed that they had a special festive drink offering up on the wall; BUTTER BEER. Yes, you read correctly. Obviously, it was a must order, being the Potterheads that we are. They also have a boozy adult’s butter beer, but we just got the regular because BabyPaca’s not of age yet. The concoction was a mixture of cream soda, whip cream and butterscotch syrup. I liked the bits of crushed fine ice in it, but I felt like it was lacking that buttery flavour and richness that you’d expect, it tasted too much like cream soda, it probably would’ve benefited from more butterscotch syrup.

MamaLlama didn’t think she could finish a plate by herself so we decided on 2 appetizers; curly fries and zucchini sticks  and 2 mains to share.

The zucchini sticks were just sad, there was no presentation, just a few measly strips of fried zucchini on a plate with some tzitziki on the side, close to a dollar a piece. It made me miss the zucchini sticks I’ve had in LA at The Hat. Those were the bomb.


The curly fries were done right, well seasoned and tasty, but we couldn’t help but notice that our plate was significantly smaller than the table’s next to us.


I ordered the spicy lamb gyro, it came with a Greek salad that I didn’t fancy very much. The flavour of the balsamic vinaigrette tasted a little off to me. I would’ve preferred it with just feta. The wrap itself wasn’t bad, granted it wasn’t good either. The red onions were a little overbearing.


BabyPaca got the tuna melt benedict. Overall, this was just mediocre as well. The potatoes were dry and BabyPaca mentioned that her egg was slightly overcooked. I could’ve made this at home with canned tuna and shredded cheese and it probably would’ve tasted the same, if not better.

Overal, Cozmos was alright, it’s one of those places I’d never suggest I’d want to eat at but would go if someone asked.

 Cozmos Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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