The Coffee Bun

KitKat had purchased triple slider tickets to Slide the City, and we decided to make the most out of the day with a North Van adventure. We took the SeaBus over to Lonsdale Quay and strolled around the market. We were hungry as usual, but not wanting to ruin our appetites for dinner, we opted for a quick snack at The Coffee Bun.


When we arrived, there were only a few flavours of coffee buns left as they’re baked fresh in small batches. The cashier told us that a new batch of their Earl grey flavour will be ready in about 8 minutes, so KitKat and I decided to go for a walk. We watched as people happily danced away on the streets to some sultry salsa. After we had enough of people watching, we checked out the toy store nearby. KitKat and I awed over all the innovative toys with our cute little clients in mind (we do behaviour intervention with bright young kids diagnosed with ASD). We returned to The Coffee Bun shortly (in about 10 minutes), but they had already sold out in the span of 2 minutes! Sadly, I didn’t get to try their Earl grey. Out of the remaining few options available, I was undecided between the original, cream cheese and the vanilla bean custard. The cashier said that the vanilla bean custard was among her favourites, and is one of their more popular coffee buns, so I took her word for it. KitKat opted for the hazelnut coffee bun ($3.50), which was filled with Nutella.


My vanilla bean custard coffee bun ($4) was airy, and pillowy soft, almost marshmallowy in texture. The warm innards of the bun had a very aromatic sweet and savoury butteriness to it. The coffee crumble baked on top was crisp and had a hint of coffee flavour. The vanilla bean custard was just lightly sweetened. It didn’t have a very prominent vanilla taste, but it had the eggy flavour of custard and it was so smooth and creamy.

The coffee bun was mouthwateringly good. I definitely prefer The Coffee Bun over Papa Roti. North Vancouver is a very long trek for me, but while I was searching The Coffee Bun up on Zomato to get the code to link my blog, I discovered that they have another location at Henderson Place, Coquitlam. I’m so glad I don’t have to travel all the way to North Van for these babies.

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(604) 988-7900
Lower Lonsdale
Lonsdale Quayside Plaza, 147 Chadwick Court, North Vancouver


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