Teppan Kitchen

Baby-Paca had put a pair of Nikes on hold at Richmond Centre. We decided to eat lunch at the Aberdeen after we picked up her pair of runners since we were in the area (Aberdeen food court beats RC food court big time). We always gravitate towards the same few stalls at the Aberdeen food court. Teppan Kitchen is one of them.

IMG_1965 Our go-to order is the daily special ‘A’ grade beef teppan rice ($8.95 +$0.85 for cheese). The daily special comes with a complimentary miso soup and drink, but Mamallama wanted the 7up Ribena, which I think costed us an extra dollar. I picked up the teppan plate, sizzling hot. I had a few times where the plate wasn’t hot enough. I love the char on my meat, and the slightly burnt crispiness on the rice. If the plate isn’t hot enough, those elements disappear. Baby-Paca and I enjoyed this plate doused in their garlic butter soy sauce. The flavour was buttery and savoury. A little greasy, but we don’t mind it too much. There were plenty of thin beef slices, which were shear and tender. The rice was was topped with scallions and corn nibblets. I love how the corn were like little pockets of juiciness that pop when you bite into them. The cheese was a yummy addition, nicely melted and stringy. The miso soup was pretty standard, I liked that it wasn’t too salty. As for the drink, the Ribena concentrated black currant juice was mixed with 7up with a few slices of lemon. We poked at the lemons to achieve the desired level of sourness. It wasn’t too watered down or sweet.

The prices at Teppan Kichen are decent and so are the portions. The wait time is usually not too long, and I love how they have various sauces put out on the side for customers to abuse. Teppan Kitchen is a pretty good option if you are ever undecided on what to eat at Aberdeen.

Teppan Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

+1 604 295 6656
Central Richmond
Aberdeen Centre, 3250-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond


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